Firefox Starts Testing a Free In-Browser VPN Service

Browser VPN Service

Mozilla basically focuses on privacy and its latest move only further reinforces this rationale. Some non-profit organizations have made available on its Firefox browser a new VPN service for users to try out. It is also free of cost. This mechanism is very much similar to Opera already provides through its desktop browser, but you will have to install an extension to access Firefox’s offerings.

Firefox has restored its Test Pilot program that was originally started 3 years ago. This program covers groundbreaking new features at the start, but it has undergone a number of iterations over the years. Now back to Firefox, which is a new form that will focus on testing new features. Mozilla states that it is not for testing experimental ideas through the new Test Pilot program. In addition to that, it is now going to be like a traditional beta program that will let the users try out new features in stable the release, and it is done without switching to a beta channel.

The new VPN service of Firefox is called Firefox Private Network and it is currently in beta. For this, you will have to log into your Firefox account by using the browser on the desktop as well as laptop to try it out. It is nothing but an extension that used to give a secure, encrypted path to the web to protect your connection and also your personal information anywhere and everywhere you see your Firefox browser.

The VPN service, Firefox Private Network is also an extension to be launched as part of the freshly regenerated Firefox Test pilot program which is available to the users in the United States right now. Features that are launched as a part of this program undergo testing before officially rolling out to everyone.

Mozilla has built a partnership with Cloudflare that offers the proxy servers for the VPN service. It has selected Cloudflare for its strong privacy control that limits what data is collected and how long it’s kept on their servers. Firefox Private Network doesn’t give options for where the network should be routed from, such as Opera, but it will help the users' IP address and browse the internet freely.   

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