How To Setup Anne Pro 2 Software And Fix Common Anne Pro 2 Issues

Anne Pro 2 Software

Are you a hardcore gamer who spends the most time on the desktop? If, yes, you must be crazy for the latest gaming equipment, be it about gaming mouse, laptops, keyboard, or keen to know how to set up a powerful gaming PC. Well, today, we will contribute a little to nurture your passion for gaming. Here in this article, we will discuss “Anne Pro 2 Software” which is pretty common and popular among gamers around the world. However, most people still don’t know much about this and are willing to know. So, we will tell you everything about Anne Pro 2 Software. What is Anne Pro 2 Software, how to set this up, and how to fix Anne Pro 2 Software not working issues? So, let’s check out this amazing gadget that has ruled out the gaming industry.

What is Anne Pro 2 Software?




If you are serious about your game, we would be serious & honey this introduction to this ultimate gaming keyboard. The Anne Pro 2 is an excellent 60% compact gaming keyboard that is well-built and easy to integrate with other computer setups. It has fully programmed keys and customized RGB lighting too. While this mechanical keyboard comes up with a range of switches, we have found it perfect because it provides better results without being too loud. Also, the keyboard gives an amazing typing experience as we have written this article using the same keyboard. However, you may dump this keyboard for its narrow keys that may cause pain after an hour-long typing session. 

What We Think!

It is absolutely necessary to know our verdict because that is why you are here. So, we think that Anne Pro 2 is an amazing keyboard for mixed usage. Though it is designed for gaming, you can reprogram its keys with macrOS that makes it ideal for coding and programming as well. With its ultimate typing performance, it can be used for incorporation as well. But again, you would be bothered by its small and narrow keys. Well, you cannot use this with smartphones as it is thick and doesn’t connect to all the Android smartphones.

So, it was the introduction, now we will check how to set up Anne Pro 2 Software. Let’s take a quick glance at it.

How to Setup Anne Pro 2 Software at Home?

Anne Pro 2 is a 60% Bluetooth RGB mechanical gaming keyboard. Along with some amazing features, it is smart and saves more space on the desk. Though it only has 61 keys, it can be used just like a regular 104 keys keyboard by reprogramming keys and using multiple keys together. Check out how to set up Anne Pro 2 Software.

How to Connect Anne Pro 2 Software.

  • Connect Using USB Cable

    • Turn off the Bluetooth Switch at the Back of the Keyboard.

    • Connect to Your Computer Using a USB Cable.

  • Connect Using Bluetooth
    • Turn on the Bluetooth Switch from the Back of the Keyboard.

    • Check if Your System Supports Bluetooth.

    • Pair With Keyboard.

    • Enjoy Gaming or Typing.


Basic Functions or Key of Anne Pro 2 Software

  • F1 ~ F12

    • You can reprogram any key and to use function keys, you just need to press FN1 and the number you want a function for. Such as mentioned below.
      • FN1 + 1 = F1

      • FN1 + 4 = F4

      • Fn1 + 0 = F10

      • Fn1 + - = F11

      • Fn1 + + = F12

  • Direction Keys

    • There are two groups of keys that you can use with Anne Pro 2 Software. You can use the direction keys as mentioned below.
      • FN1 + W = ↑ 

      • FN1 + A = ← 

      • FN1 + S = ↓ 

      • FN1 + D = →

[Note: you can also  use I, J, K, L, for the above-given directions respectively.]

  • Other Important Keys

    • Below are some other key combinations that you may need when typing on using Anne Pro 2 Software.
      • FN1 + O = SCROLL LOCK 

      • FN1 + P = PAUSE BREAK 

      • FN1 + | = PRINT SCREEN 

      • FN1 + :; = PAGE UP 

      • FN1 + '" = PAGE DOWN 

      • FN1 + .> = INSERT 

      • N1 + /? = DELETE 

      • FN1 + [{ = HOME 

      • FN1 + ]} = END


Light Control Functions in Anne Pro 2 Software

  • Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard comes with a range of lighting effects. You can also customize the lights to create your own light effect or group. Kindly look below to learn how.
    • FN2 + 9 = Switch Light 

    • FN2 + 0 = Turn Backlight On/Off 

    • FN2 + - = Reduce Backlight Brightness 

    • FN2 + + = Increase Backlight Brightness


So, it was how to set up Anne Pro 2 Software, now we think you would need it when using Anne Pro 2 for playing games and typing as well.

How to Fix Anne Pro 2 Software Not Working Issues and Other Common Problems?




If you are using Anne Pro 2 Software, you must be loving it as it is lightweight, portable and comes up with an ergonomic design that is suitable for both office, gaming, and school work as well. However, there are some common issues that you can face when using Anne Pro 2 Software. Therefore, we have addressed the most common question - how to fix Anne Pro 2 Software, not working issues, and other common problems. Check it out!

  • Mac Pro Compatibility and Integration issues

Though the Anne Pro 2 Software is doing well with Windows and Linus, some Apple users have reported incompatibility issues with the MacBook Pro. The users identified that the background disappears and the keyboard doesn’t work properly with the MacBook Pro. Whether it’s connected via USB or Bluetooth, they face the same error, and a particular set of keys as backspace, Enter, Tab, and Alt, etc. doesn’t work properly.

  • Solutions: 

    • Unplug the Anne Pro 2 Keyboard.

    • Shut Down the MacBook Pro.

    • Press & Hold These Keys: Power + Shift (Left) + Ctrl + Option.

    • Power Adaptor Will Blink or Change Color When SMC is reset.

    • Release the Keys and Start Normally.

  • Anne Pro 2 Software Not Working on Windows 10

A few software, including Google Chrome that doesn’t work properly on Windows 10. Previously we covered the Google Chrome Not Responding Issue on Windows 10, now Anne Pro 2 Software users have reported the same issue. They said other keyboards are working properly in the same port, but not the Anne Pro 2. Here is how to get rid of it and resolve some common issues on Anne Pro 2.

  • Solutions: The device driver is likely to create issues in this situation. Therefore, you better ensure that you have installed the latest software. Here is how to check this.

    • Connect Anne Pro 2 Software to your computer using a USB cable.

    • Press Windows + X to go to the Device Manager.

    • Launch Device Manager to Look For The Anne Pro 2.

    • Select Update Driver With a Right Click on the Name of Anne Pro 2 Software.

    • Search Automatically for Quick Process.


Once the device manager updates with the latest software, you can enjoy the Anne Pro 2 Software, like it is all new. We must say that Anne Pro 2 Software is a versatile keyboard that is lightweight, easy to modify, reprogram, and fun to use.

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