VIPBox Alternatives: Top 8 Free Live Sport Streaming Sites

VIPBox Alternatives

We all know that sport is intriguing, fascinating, intimidating, and so much fun. Users have a next-level craze of spending hours watching live sports to raise the bar. One such popular free live-streaming platform is VIPBox, which features interesting games for users.  

VIPBox has been a good sports live streaming site for all sports, from baseball, soccer, badminton, and cricket to boxing and wrestling. However, it has a few accessibility and technical issues or other reasons, so users often try to find reliable VIPBox alternatives with similar features. 

In this post, we have curated a list of 8 amazing and free websites like VIPBox, which you can rely upon whenever VIPBox is down. Gauge the list of these qualitative & reliable and enhance your sports streaming experience now!

Alternative Live Sports Streaming Websites 

Here, we are listing down these top sports live-streaming websites that you can use as an alternative to VIPBox for seamless entertainment. 


Next in the row, you can use SportLemon, a good VIPBox alternative. Registered users can get a variety of live-streaming sports, such as Football, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, US Football, Boxing, Moto, and others. It is a free and reliable site where you can watch high-quality video streaming without any interruption. SportLemon also has a separate section for sporting bodybuilding where you can get new training tips. 

2. VIPLeague 

Another popular sports live-streaming site you can follow is VIPLeague. It has more game options available for fun, such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Racing, Motorsports, Formula 1, MotoGP, cycling, WWE, boxing, cricket, handball, and others. This site was inspired by VIPStand and VIPBox to let online users enjoy the best sports live streaming without any glitches. VIPLeague will be a feasible VIPBox alternatives. 

3. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is another great alternative to VIPBox that will allow you to watch your favorite sport without compromising the quality. Although most visitors love to stream football games over Stream2Watch, it also offers a great experience to watch soccer online, making it a superb VIPBox alternatives website. Like VIPBoxtv, it has a simple user interface that can give easy access to sports events. Also, on the main page, you can have direct access to Horse racing, Volleyball, Athletics, Handball, and some other sports. Altogether, Stream2Watch is a great VIPBox alternative. 

4. FirstRow Sports

If you don’t want to compromise with the quality of the video, FirstRow Sports would be a great choice for watching live sports events. If you’re visiting the website for the first time, you will find it very easy to use. Also, it allows you to adjust time zones for more accurate time references. Apart from this, it provides a proper streaming schedule of the event according to the country, which is why people visit this website in large numbers. On this VIPBox alternatives website, you can access news feeds by clicking on the “Reload” button on the screen's right side. 


GoATD is another VIPBox alternative. It is a highly reliable and recommended site as a VIPBox alternative. Unlike any other website, GoATD believes in providing direct access to any sport. In this context, the website's homepage shows the entire day's game schedule. For people with specific choices, GoATD offers various sports to watch, such as Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, etc. To make access convenient, the site provides easy navigation to all sports events to be held in the upcoming days. Thus, the website has made a million users worldwide and has become one of the VIPBox alternatives.

6. StrikeOut

The list of sites similar to VIPBox continues with StrikeOut. It offers many sports events but mainly focuses on ball-related sports and races, which stream at different times worldwide. If you’re selective about sports, StrikeOut might be the right choice for you. And the best thing about this website is its well-organized homepage. You can start streaming your favorite sport by just clicking a few tabs. There is also a search option for those who are sure about what to watch. If you’re used to VIPBoxtv streaming, you’ll get familiar with StrikeOut in no time. 

7. Streamhunter

When you’re used to streaming free sites like VIPBox, you won’t like to switch to any VIPBox alternatives that will cost you. But the Streamhunter website offers you free streaming with high-quality content. The homepage of the website gives you a very clear image of the game schedule for the day. The site is a perfect VIPBox alternative for sports like Basketball, American football, and Baseball. But if you’re a fan of sports like Curling, unfortunately, this site is not for you.  

8. LiveTV

When it comes to finding a site that offers a similar experience to VIPBox, LiveTV is the next name on the list of VIPBox alternatives, and it is highly recommended. The quality of the sports content and the user interface make it popular among numerous sports fans. And if you’re a football fan, then this site is specially designed for you as it hosts significant Leagues like the German Bundesliga, the English Premier League, and others.

9. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is last on the list of VIPBox alternatives but not on the list of features. Users can enjoy all sorts of sports channels on this website, from cricket to hockey and badminton to table tennis. The compatibility of Fox Sports Go is also great; it's suitable for smart TVs, android phones, and iOS. This website offers many highlights, making it among the best live sports streaming websites. 

Some of the above sites can be run using a VPN or might create legality issues while streaming. Here are the paid and legal alternatives you can try for VIPBox alternatives.





Wide range of sports coverage.

NBC Sports

Streaming platform for NBC’s sports.

CBS Sports

CBS’s official sports streaming site.

Fox Sports

Fox’s official sports streaming platform.


Official MLB streaming service.

NBA League Pass

Streaming service for NBA games.

NFL Game Pass

Official NFL streaming service.


NHL’s official streaming platform.

UFC Fight Pass

Streaming service for UFC events.

PGA Tour Live

Live coverage of PGA Tour events.


VIPBox and VIPBox alternatives are illegal websites and contain pirated content. Team TechtoReview does not take responsibility for any of the consequences if anybody is caught using them. The purpose of this post is only to give information, and we are highly against using any VIPBox alternatives.


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