Best Website To Watch Chinese Drama With English Subtitles

best website to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles

Korean and Chinese dramas have reached the height of success, gaining a huge fan base all across the globe. This rise in popularity has led to the search for the best website to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles. There is a range of  OTT platforms available claiming fascinating features but not all of them are the finest. However, the best website to watch Chinese drama has to come with intriguing features and a user-friendly interface. 

In this post, we are going to share a list of 5 amazing websites with their features and you have to tell us in the comment section below, what is the best website to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles from your point of view. 

We have compared several features like the total number of dramas, types of genres, period of drama, quality of videos, navigation simplicity, technical services, features provided, and downloading option, etc, and shortlisted these 5 sites as the best website to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles. 

So, without further ado, dive in!

Let’s Start With The List Of Apps To Watch Chinese Drama:

1. Viki

Viki allows its users to stream Chinese content for free but if you want to stream premium shows then you need to hit your pocket. And if you’re ready to pay, this app would be a one-stop solution for you to watch Chinese shows, from sports to movies, TV series to TV shows. All of the above, you can claim Viki to be the best website to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles, as the app makes browsing very simple and you can find all the Chinese dramas under the Chinese section and TV programs are categorised based on TV channels. 

2. Newasian TV

The one that we call the best Chinese drama app is Newasisan TV. Let us tell you why we are putting this on the list. The app is the one-stop solution for streaming movies in different languages apart from Chinese such as Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, and Kannad. Newasian TV has a collection of TV shows, and Chinese TV series dubbed in English, or with English subtitles for absolutely free. Hopefully, this information is more than enough to download this best website to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles.  

3. Kissasian

If you’re always excited to watch the latest movies before any of your friends, then Kissasian is all for you. Here you can find all the latest released Chinese movies and dramas with other Bollywood, Telugu, South Indian dubbed films along with Punjabi and Hollywood films. The best thing about this site, the best website to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles is, Kissasian has a great collection of movies that anyone can watch even without creating an account. If you love to watch Chinese action, drama, and suspense, Kissansian would be the best choice of all. 

4. Fall Drama

The next choice in the list is Fall Drama and the reason for being a part of the list is you can watch as well as it allows Chinese drama with subtitles free download. Though the collection on the website is limited as the website is dedicated to showing the most-rated and quality content and shortlisting its drama and movies according to the user’s taste based on the comment, ratings, views, newest and random. So, can you call Fall Drama ‘the best website to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles’? Let us know in the comment section below.

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5. Asian Crush

If any one of the above best websites to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles couldn’t satisfy you, then our list doesn’t end here. We’re still available with more options namely called Asian Crush, Fall Drama, and Viki. The experience of watching Chinese movies is just unbeatable. This is because apps that allow you to watch Chinese TV shows with English subtitles for free and without annoying ads are limited and Asian Crush is one of them that offer a huge amount of Chinese content without compromising the picture quality. 


So the best website to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles is here from which you can choose one that suits you perfectly. With some, you can download movies for free and watch without annoying ads and some are premium which also allows you free streaming but is limited else you have to pay. But all in all, these apps to watch Chinese drama are fantastic to browse. Hopefully, you guys like our guide on websites that help to watch Chinese TV shows with English subtitles. 

Stay tuned for more similar blogs. 

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