Beginners’ Note On How To Remove Screen Protector Safely

how to remove screen protector

Wondering how to remove screen protectors from your phone, tab or laptop? Does it need a trick to take the screen protector off? Is removing the screen protector too tough to refer to an expert guide? The truth is – what seems easy on the top is sometimes intricate inside, and the case with screen protection removal is no different. To help you get sorted for the query, we have brought you an easy note to easily remove the screen protector from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Why Screen Protector?  

Plastic screen protectors, in general, are easy to remove from your phones’ or tabs’ screens but the one made of glass is too much like a tough thing, especially when it gets cracked. So when getting the insight into how to remove screen protectors, you must be aware of the type of the protector installed on your phone. 
Without the screen protector fixed on your phone, phone’s screen:

  • will be more prone to scratches;

  • will be more exposed to water/moisture;

  • will crack in case of sudden fall or impacts. 


Screen protector is a key protective gear for the safety of your investment that you put into your smart devices. So, it is wise to keep your device and investment protected against sudden damages that may strike in the absence of protective gear. 

Screen protectors are not for the lifetime. After some time, you will be exploring the internet to know how to remove screen protectors safely. A screen protector will not remain sturdy to keep your phone safe against damages, sudden falls and impacts after one year of use. You will require a replacement for the protector after some time. But till the time you own a device, keeping the device's screen wrapped with a protector will extend the life of your smartphone/tab/laptop. 

Why You May Need to Remove the Screen Protector 

Before you get to the guide on how to remove the screen protector to get going with the task, you must know why you may need to remove the screen protector alongside knowing how to safely remove the screen glass protector. In the course of keeping your phones’ or tablets’ screens safe against damage, screen protectors keep damaging gradually. 

If you are like someone who isn’t more open to technology and doesn’t have any clue about how to take the screen protector off, you can refer to the internet for the right points of advice. Experts can better guide you on how to remove screen protectors without putting anything in harm.  

There are many cases when you might need to remove the screen protector of your device and replace it with a new one. Maybe:

  • You need a screen protector which is more robust;

  • Or, the existing screen protector has got a load of cracks, scratches and impacts;

  • Or, you are thinking of giving your device a complete clean-up. 


If you have seen any sign of damage, cracks or scratches on the screen protector placed on your device’s screen, time is now to get your notes ready on how to remove screen protector. If it’s been more than a year for the protective screen giving your phone safety against damages, finding the right replacement for it is the only choice to go with. 

Types of Screen Protectors and Precautions While Taking them Off

The plastic and the glass, there are 2 different types of screen protectors available in the market. Ways to remove screen protectors are different for all different types. The screen protectors of the old generations would be easy to remove. However, the new-age screen protectors, specifically made of glass, are too tricky to be taken off. Despite screen protector removal being a DIY (do-it-yourself) thing, an expert note on how to remove screen protector will be of great help. However, there are some precautions to be taken care of before you start. 

Here are some precautions that you can take care of when removing the screen protector from your device: 

  • Know beforehand the type and generation of the screen protector; 

  • Make sure that you have the right gear to remove the screen protector;

  • Do a double-check of the screen protector if it requires any special procedure to take it off;

  • Do ensure that you don’t leave anything in harm when removing the screen protector


So if you are thinking of replacing the old screen protector with the new one, you need to remove the existing one first. Moreover, before you go through the step by step guide on how to remove screen protector from your device, you should get familiar with the precautions for removing the screen protector safely. Or else, you will end up with nothing except damages to your device screen.  

Steps to Remove the Screen Protector

Now when the screen protector installed on your device is old enough to be replaced with the new one, you must be aware of the ideal procedure about how to remove screen protector. It doesn’t take much of your intelligence or technical acumen to go with the course except a bit of your cautiousness. Believe it, you can easily remove the glass screen protector from your phone

Taking the screen protector off is far different from removing the tempered glass. It is easy to remove the plastic screen protector. But it is tough to remove glass screen protector. Tempered glass is of a different make than that of plastic screen protectors.But what is worth knowing here is – how to remove the glass screen protector. The points below will give you step by step know-how for safely removing the glass screen protector from your device. 

Feed your brain with the following approach to safely remove the screen protector from your device, e.g., smartphone, tablet or laptop:

Step-1: Find the Right Gear  

The first step for removing the screen protector from your device starts with finding the right gear and tools for the go. It doesn’t take a whole lot of hardware settings to get done with the task. It will only need the support of some commonly available household stuff such as a toothpick, credit or business card, and microfiber cloth. That’s it. 
Step-2: Start from the Corner

The safe way to go with the screen protector removing procedure is – start from the corner. Bring your business or credit/debit card to your aid and start from the top right corner of the device. Lift the screen protector slightly with the help of a toothpick. Lift all the edges of the screen protector in the same way. On the safe side, you must know how to remove the tempered glass without breaking it. If you know, you are good to go with the second step. 

Step-3: Use Credit Card to Remove Adhesive

Now is the time to take the assistance of the credit/debit card to gradually remove the screen protector from the mobile phone. Go slowly. Don’t think of finishing the thing in one go. Trying to make it quick will either break the tempered glass causing scratches on the screen or the broken glass pieces will find their way to your palm causing bruises on the skin. So better stay cautious.  

Step-4: Peel It Off Slowly 

Now when you have already removed the pasting between the screen protector and mobile screen, refer to the above points on how to remove screen protector to take off the protective wrap. But remember, the slower you go, the safer you are. When the screen protector is removed, keep it aside or throw it away. Is this what you are calling a trick? Nope, it’s not. You just need to know the right ways to remove the screen protector. That’s it. 

When you have successfully taken the screen protector off, you can now clean up your phone with an alcohol wipe and microfiber cloth. Once the device is cleaned, you can install a new screen protector on the device. 


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