Top 5 PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks To Get The Chicken Dinner

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

Just in case you're new to Public Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), it's a survival game. This means that you have to do all it takes to survive till the end if you want that chicken dinner. So, it's important to learn a few tips that will increase your chances of being the last man standing.
These tips will also help you to sharpen your skills and get better at PUBG. Finally, as a quick resort, when all else fails, use pubg cheats to push your way through any difficulties you may encounter along the line.

Top 5 Tips to help you get that PUBG chicken dinner

1. Avoid hot landing

Some locations on the map are known for the large number of loots that can be found there. Some of these locations are the school, military base, and Pochinki. These locations create great attraction for players. Thus, a large number of players rush down there to get the loots. Going for the loots isn't bad. It's a major aspect of the game. 

The disadvantage of landing at such locations is that you might end up dying long before the chicken dinner. So instead, play on the less populated areas of the map and gather your loots slowly- you might be lucky.

2. Only carry necessary items 

Many players just want to have anything that they can find on the map, which is a quick recipe for disaster. The most important things you should have on you are ammo for your different guns, a high-level helmet, and a bulletproof vest. Of course, that doesn't exclude guns.

Since it's a survival game, the top priorities that should come to mind are things that will keep you alive. Furthermore, make sure you have a first aid kit, energy drinks, bandages, and painkillers. 

3. Get a helmet and a vest

It's obvious we want to make you impervious to bullets, or better still, keep you out of their way. Yes, your safety is important if you want to live long enough to bag that chicken dinner. A level 3 helmet and vest are known to be the best amour you'll find in the game. So, make sure you unlock them as soon as you can.

However, a fresh level 2 armor is way better than a level 3 armor battered from long hours on the battleground. So, do well to change to fresh armor when you notice those shots are making you take more damage than necessary. 

4. Employ stealth

Rushing into fights without the right strategy is the fastest way to get yourself killed in PUBG. Instead of rushing into close-range battles and getting killed faster, try getting some long-range weapons and attack from afar. This doesn't mean you should be without a pistol or shotgun just in case an unanticipated enemy pops up very close to your position.

You can also use loots to lure unsuspecting enemies into your traps. Simply kill enemies and leave their items somewhere in the open. Then quietly wait somewhere for a greedy opponent to come for them. You can then easily kill them from your hidden position without much opposition. Also, avoid moving too much in the game since enemies can hear your footsteps.

5. Be mindful of your final minutes

The game's final minutes leave you on the map with very few other players. This is good and sad news because you're left to fight against the best players on the map. After all, they would have gotten killed if they weren't good enough. 

The silliest mistake in these final moments can be all the difference between life and death. So, take more caution, don't rush to loots except you are in dire need of them. Instead, calm your nerves and think of the best flanks and baits for your opponents before making that long-awaited move.


The much sought-after chicken dinner in PUBG is no joke. Meaning that only the best players can get them. So, take your time to practice often, taking note of good flanks and useful strategies. Also, never forget to put your safety first- make effective use of armor and cover. Lastly, ensure that you are armed with weapons that serve in multiple combat scenarios.


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