How To Use Netflix Party To Binge-Watch Latest Show, TV Series With Your Friends

How to USe Netflix Party

Are you missing movies and night outs with your friends, those chambers where you used to meet your friends for binge-watching latest Netflix series, movies or TV shows? How amazing would a Money Heist watch party be right now? Anyways, the coronavirus outbreak has sucked all the fun, but luckily, there is a free Netflix Party Extension on google chrome, allows you to reconnect with your friends, watching latest movies, TV shows together but separately. 

New Netflix Party feature lets you play, pause and stop a Netflix original series, movie or TV show so you can rejuvenate binge-watching Netflix with your long distance girlfriend, friends or family… remotely. 

If streaming together is not enough, then there is a chat option in the sidebar where you can connect with your friends and share your thoughts. You can criticise someone for poor acting or appreciate an outstanding shoot, much as you were talking on a couch having popcorn and banana chips.

Netflix Party Extension helps curb the effect of coronavirus and fill the gape of social distance between friends and couples. If you are feeling bored and want to connect with your gang then here is how to download and use Netflix Party for watching the latest web series and TV shows. Scroll down to read a go-to-go guide on how to use Netflix Party in laptops, iOS and Android.

Note: Make Sure Each of Your Friends Is using Netflix and Login to Netflix Account.

In order to use this feature, you need to send a link to whom you want to be on your screen, but they must have access to a Netflix account first. In case they don’t have an account, Netflix gives 30-days free trial when you subscribe and after the free trial you can continue with the as low as $9 per month and also end your membership anytime. You can share your Netflix screen with up to 4 people, depending on your monthly subscription.

Step 1: Download Netflix Party Extension for Google Chrome

Once all your friends log in to Netflix on their devices, they will need to download the Netflix Party extension. Here’s how to download.

  • Open in your browser.

  • Click on to Get Netflix Party Extension for free.

  • You will be redirected to a page where you have to click on Add This to Chrome.

  • A pop up will show on your screen, select add extension and that’s it.

This is how you and your friends will have to download Netflix party extensions on chrome. Next, you will read how to use Netflix Party at home.

Start Binge-watching the Netflix Original with your Friends

So, now you all have the extension on your browser, you can start watching movies together and here’s how.

  1. Switch to a new tab in your browser and log in to your Netflix account.

  2. Browse a movie, show, series or whatever you would like to watch tonight.

  3. Did the Netflix Party (NP) turn red from grey? Click on it and select ‘Start Netflix Party’. You are the host now and can change movies, shows as you only have the control of pause and play the movie and you can allow anyone to take the controls after you.

  4. There will be a URL in the box, copy that and send it across your friends to join the party.

  5. The chat box will appear on the sidebar. Here you can not only chat but also have an eye on who is joining and left the party.

  6. Now, the ground is yours. You can laugh, boom, cry and enjoy your party like never before. 

Netflix is far from just a binge-watching platform. If you want to see and hear your friends, then switch to any screen sharing tool that will allow you to interact while watching your favorite TV show and movie. If you love streaming on YouTube and Hulu, you can install Metastream, which comes up with chat features like Netflix Party and allows you to share screens while streaming on Amazon Prime, YouTube and other streaming applications.

This is enough to pass the time while social distancing and lockdown due to coronavirus. If you’ve been done with this quarantine game then here is time to switch to a healthy lifestyle with 5 Best Fitness Games For Fitness Freaks. Getting bored of binge-watching Netflix and Hotstar? Here is How to play board games online.

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