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Evolv Shift 2

Evolv Shift 2 has been out in the market since Dec 2020, a computer chassis that has been in talks for its ultra-classy appearance and user-friendly interior layout. Its parent company Phankets is known for its successful computer case range and seems to achieve its magic in Evolv Shift 2. 

If you are among the crowd who is confused about the durability and build of Evok Shift 2, don’t shy away from checking out this Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 Review, understand its features and specifications and share with us your feedback, in case you decide to buy this computer chassis. 

Specifications Table

We bring you Evolv Shift 2 specifications and features in our Evok Shift 2 review, first go through the following specification table, and then we will further share Evok Shift 2 features in depth.



Model Name

Evolv shift 2 satin black/antarctic grey

Case Dimension (WxHxD)

170 x 490 x 270 mm

Package Dimension (WxHxD)

270 x 590 x 360 mm

Package Contents

1 x Evolv Shift 2 case
1 x SK 140 mm D-RGB PWM fan
1 x Dual 2.5” SSD bracket
6 x zip ties
1 x accessory bag (with screws and standoffs)

Material Used

Steel chassis
Tempered glass side panels
Anodized aluminium front and rear panels

Side Window

Tempered glass window

Motherboard Support

Mini ITX

PSU Support


Front IO

Power button located (on the top)
D-RGB colour
D-RGB mode
2 x USB 3.0 (located on the bottom front)


Power switch
USB 3.0
D-RGB expansion
D-RGB third party
D-RGB motherboard

Riser Cable

PCI-E 3.0 x 16

PCI Slots

2 x 2.9 slots GPU cooler clearance

Internal 3.5” Bay

1 (1 x included)

Internal 2.5” Bay

4 (2 x included and 1 x dual SSD bracket)

Total Fan Mounts

3 x 120 mm

Dust Filters

Top (fixed)
Bottom (removable)

GPU Cooler

Up To 2.9 slots x 5.9 mm thick

Net Weight

6.8 kg /14.99 lbs

Gross Weight

7.8 kb / 17.2 lbs


2-5 years (main chassis 5 yrs, other parts 2 yrs)


Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 review starts with ‘Evolv Shift 2 Build’. This computer chassis is built on the unique form factor of the original Evolv Shift Air. It brings a computer case which is both, space efficient with its small footprint and packs plenty of power supply. Efficiently built is one of the major Evolv Shift 2 features.

Internal Layout

Next comes the ‘internal layout’ in Evolv Shift 2 specifications. The computer chassis has the most unique internal layout where the entire lot is divided into three main sections. The bottom of the chassis (the lower cubicle) has a place for up to SFX-L power supplies and a 120mm radiator. The top main cubicle houses the graphics card sandwiched on the left via a PCIe riser cable and the motherboard on the right of the chassis. The design is efficiently classified to space most of the computer components.


The Evolv Shift 2 review next brings us to its cooling factor; the Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 comes with a 140 mm spinner with addressable RGB. The chassis comes in two variants, one with side glass panels and the other Evolv Shift 2 build with vented sides. To cool the CPU in Evolv Shift 2, you can use see 120 mm AIOs that will fit at the chassis’s bottom.

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  • The mesh fabric side panels help in unhampered air flow

  • Evolv Shift 2 accommodates gaming graphic cards with ease

  • Has captive thumbscrews on all 4 sides of the panel

  • Evolv Shift 2 comes at a very reasonable price

  • Has a strong and beautiful exterior

  • Comes with a straightforward interior

  • Evolv Shift 2 easily fits big GPU

  • Has integrated controllers and D-RGB Lighting


  • Evolv Shift 2 only fits 120 mm AIOs for CPU cooling

  • The graphics caddy has a hidden thumbscrew

  • The top RGB is feeble and appears to be wastage of space

  • Installing a fan is not possible after setting up a power supply

  • Cable routing is hard to manage in Evolv Shift 2 due to fans

  • Side panels glass variant is only suitable for GPU up to 250-watt


We now conclude the Evolv Shift 2 review by saying that Evolv Shift 2 is a well-built computer chassis with thoughtful internal layout and effective cooling panels. Though there are cons that hinder Evolv Shift 2 features, like the feeble top RGB, which is only good for lighting.

You tell us in the comment section, do you find Evolv Shift 2 to be a satisfying chassis?

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