SportSurge: A Site To Stream Live Sports For Free


Nowadays, the most popular sports on the planet, including football, cricket, tennis, baseball, hockey, badminton, and golf, have an enormous fan base worldwide, and top-grade sports leagues or tournaments are on the go round the year. Sports enthusiasts hunt for reliable online sources to stream live sports. SportSurge enables users to stream online sports happening through the corners of the globe without charging a single penny. However, it is an illegal e-platform that offers unlawful sources to watch worldwide sports. Recently, the site has been scrutinized by cyber monitoring bodies, and most of the links allied to SportSurge are blocked. 

SportSurge Website Info  

  • Type of Site- Online Broadcast 

  • Coded in - PHP, JavaScript, CSS & HTML 

  • Domain Registrar - Unknown 

  • Registration - No need to register 

  • Commercial - Yes

  • Owner - Unknown 


How Does SportSurge Work? 

SportSurge has brought its domain name through Namecheap and uses proxy Cloudflare to keep its identity hidden. The site owner has also registered privately to keep the identity unveiled. The site uses CDN to deliver content swiftly and is hosted on Cloudflare. Numerous organizations have filed complaints against Cloudflare for providing hosting services to sites involved in hacking. 

Best Alternatives of SportSurge 

Like SportSurge, numerous e-platforms offer live streaming of worldwide sports without spending a buck. The following are some of the best alternatives of SportSurge. 


It is an online platform that offers a link to free streaming of football matches, and as per the content, it promotes gambling. On clicking the provided link, users will be redirected to EPLSite UK, where they will get options to stream the game in HD or SD version. 


Unlike SportSurge, it is a streaming platform devoted to providing free NFL insurance coverage. NFLBite fans can watch any video game and follow their favorite team for free. Also, it is a popular hangout for Reddit users and NFL fans who want to watch the game without spending any money. Thanks to its comprehensive NFL coverage, the audience can access the live broadcasts and the news and feature stories around each team.


Stream2Watch is an IPTV service that provides users with access to some of the most popular sports channels from across the world. Overall, this website contains popular sports-related networks that cater to a broad spectrum of audiences. Like SportSurge, this streaming service features a massive directory with all of the active ingredients of a top streaming system.


LiveSoccerTV is one of the most dependable football overviews, with significant leagues, program updates, and breaking news coverage. It's mostly a television guide that gives extensive match coverage as well as streaming schedules. On this site, you'll find real-time suits, as well as updates and other crucial information, including league standings, upcoming matches preview, related news, and featured stories. 


Even though the site name states VIP, that doesn't mean the website is premium and legal. As an alternative to SportSurge, VIPLeague is one of the most well-known free streaming platforms, with a reputation for providing the best sports streaming material to its audience. Individuals like this site since it has a simple user interface in addition to high-quality content.

Is SportSurge A Legal Site to Use? 

Undoubtedly, SportSurge is a piracy site that offers to stream copyright content at no cost. The site’s services come under an ‘unclear’ legal gray area. Many countries have strict laws against unethical streaming of copyright content and piracy, and they have multiple punishments (prison & penalty) for those who are found guilty.  

If you think that you can escape easily by using a virtual private network or proxy network. In that case, you are required to reconsider as cyber regulatory bodies in your country can track your online activities through your IP address, and you might end up in prison. Hence, avoiding illegal e-platform to stream sports, movies, or TV shows is always good. 

Which Legal Actions Can Be Taken Against SportSurge Users?

The site is under the strict scanner, and many broadcast networks have restricted its multiple streaming links. However, a user can find a few working links on the site, but if the site continues broadcasting or streaming copyright content, it will surely be subject to closure. 

Of course, using such a site is a criminal offense, but the punishment may vary from country to country. Some nations have strict laws and punishment against piracy, while others have nominal laws comparatively. Most of the time, the government’s regulatory and monitoring bodies focus on capturing the publisher of such sites to eliminate the problem from the root. 

Is SportSurge Is A Safe Site To Use? 

All the free streaming sites that offer copyright or pirated content to watch are always suspicious concerning data breaching or privacy outrage. Cyber threats are continuously hunting for innocent users on the web for mischievous activities. Moreover, such illegal e-platforms would be restricted to use in your region by the government. 

SportSurge and its above-mentioned best alternatives are involved in copyright infringement and might be under the scanner of authorized monitoring bodies. But, as per the nature of these e-platforms, it is challenging to restrict them. Even a user can use such platforms using a secure virtual private network (VPN) service. 

Disclaimer -  

Techtoreview doesn’t endorse any piracy sites or e-platforms and is not inspiring to use such unlawful services. All the information compiled in this write-up is to enlighten and to make people aware. Piracy is a criminal offense, and we recommend our readers only use legitimate mediums to stream live sports and avoid such piracy sites.  

Bottom Line 

However, SportSurge is an unlawful medium of streaming live sports and has numerous alternatives as well. But, if you have no paid subscription to legal live sport streaming platforms, you can give it a try by protecting yourself with a good VPN service. 

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