How To Root Xiaomi POCO F1: Complete Guide To Use Magisk

Root Xiaomi POCO F1

Xiaomi’s Foco F1 is perhaps the best gaming phone ever launched in the market. This mid-range smartphone became popular in a span of months for its fast processor that gives the best gaming experience. It has the same Snapdragon 845 that has been powering some other leading smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S9, the Galaxy Note 9, and Google’s ultimate Pixel 3 as well.

With such outstanding features, no wonder in saying that Poco F1 is an ideal gaming phone. And, if you’ve already purchased and used this great gadget, you will be happy to know that TWRP recovery is now available on the device. If you want to unlock your phone’s full potential, it can help you by rooting your Poco F1. 

Let’s come to the point, if you want to root Poco F1, there are multiple ways to do this. But rooting or installing TWRP is slightly risky. Our blog is only for knowledge purposes. We don’t take full responsibility or encourage such procedures. Here at Techtoreview, we won’t be responsible for any kind of damage to your smartphone if you root your phone using the guide below. So, root Poco F1 at your own risk.

So, let’s start unlocking the hidden potentials of Xiaomi Poco F1 - the ultimate gaming phone. Rooting is the only possible way to get the full power of your smartphone, but it’s quite risky and has its own rules. So, here are a few things to keep in mind when rooting and installing TWRP on your device.

Things to Remember to Root Poco F1

  1. It is important to take a complete backup of your device data when performing any device-related procedure such as rooting. Any error in these procedures can result in removing all the data from your device that may include your videos, pictures, PDFs, important documents, audio, contacts, and more. Therefore, Techtoreview suggests you take a complete backup of Poco F1.

  2. Now, you need to enable USB debugging and OEM Unlocking on your Poco F1. Go to Mobile settings > About phone > Tap 7 times on MIUI version until “Developer Option Enabled” appears on the screen. After successful compilation, go back to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options to enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging

  3. You also need to unlock Bootloader to Root Poco F1 successfully.

  4. That’s all you have to do prior to installing TWRP on your device. But make sure that your device is at least 70% charged otherwise you will have to start from the beginning in case the device switches off in the middle of the procedure.

  5. Download all the files mentioned in Google Drive. 


If you have followed all the above-mentioned points and downloaded all the necessary files, you can start reading how to root Xiaomi Poco F1 and how to install the TWRP recovery file. Let’s check it out.


Step 1: To start rooting Poco F1, connect your device to the PC. Now, turn on the PC and extract the file that you can download from the aforementioned drive. It will install ADB and Rapid Fast folders on your computer.

Step 2: Now, download the TWRP files > Copy and Paste the file in the Fastboot folder.

Step 3: After successful compilation, cut and move the DiableForceEncryption zip file to your PC’s internal storage.

Step 4: Whether you are using Windows PC, Linux, or macOS, open the Command Window or Terminal Window.

Step 5: Enter ‘ADB Reboot Bootloader’ to add your device into Fastboot mode.

Step 6: Now, when you have entered TWRP recovery, use the ‘fastboot flash recovery twrp-’ command to root Poco F1 with TWRP.

Step 7: once the recovery is finished, enter ‘fastboot boot twrp-’ to boot Poco F1 into TWRP.

Step 8: Now in the TWRP recovery section, select Keep Read Only Button and don’t allow modification.

Step 9: You will open into TWRP’s main menu where you can install and choose ‘’.

Step 10: In the last, Swipe right to confirm rooting and disable encryption. 


Now, you just have to go to TWRP Main Menu, Tap on Reboot, and then recover your data using MI ID. This is how to Root Poco F1 Using TWRP. Let’s check another method.

How to Root Poco F1 Using Magisk?

Now, you have successfully installed TWRP Recovery on your device. Here is a complete guide about how to root Poco F1 using Magisk?

  • Go to TWRP main menu > Wipe > Format Data > type YES to wipe all your data.

  • Connect your smartphone to PC, copy & paste the Magisk Zip file in your phone’s internal storage.

  • In the main menu of TWRP, tap on install and choose Magisk Zip to flash.

  • After flashing is done, tap on the Reboot system.


This is all you have to do to root your Poco F1. We hope this article will help you understand how easy it is to root Poco F1 using Magisk and TWRP. In case you have any questions, feel free to drop your questions in the comment box. We will be happy to assist you.


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