Is AliExpress Legit And Reliable Platform For Online Shopping?

Is AliExpress Legit

If you are addicted to online shopping, then you must be aware of AliExpress ━ a platform for online shopping. AliExpress is a Chinese website that is known for offering highly inexpensive products. Since its establishment, customers have wondered why it offers products at low cost. Is AliExpress legit and safe to shop? How long will it take to deliver your products, and what if they don't? These questions might disturb customers and sometimes resist them to use and shop from AliExpress. This page has everything you are looking for. 

What is AliExpress?

If you're not aware of AliExpress, here is a quick primer. 

AliExpress is an online retail store owned by the Alibaba Group and a multibillion-dollar corporation initiated as a business-to-business buying and selling products. After that, the company expanded its services to consumer-to-consumer, cloud services, and payment services. 

To give you an idea about how giant Alibaba is, let us show you its annual revenue for the last three years before we discuss is AliExpress legit or not. 

  • Annual revenue for 2020 was $71.9785 billion, a 28.2% increase from 2019

  • Annual revenue for 2021 was $109.48 billion, a 52.09% increase from 2020

  • Annual revenue for 2022 was $ 134.567 billion, a 22.91% increase from 2021


AliExpress allows small Businesses in China to sell their products all over the world at reasonable prices. Like any other website, such as Amazon or Flipkart, you can find anything of your requirement. 

AliExpress does not sell anything itself, and it is just a marketplace. All the products are sold by a third party, meaning your experience depends on the seller, not on the AliExpress website. 

Still wondering, is AliExpress legit? We can understand your concern. Let's search for the answer in the following section. 

Is AliExpress legal?

As it offers products at low prices, people often give their opinion regarding its legitimacy. Since the website is owned by Alibaba Group, one of the largest online retail companies, it is absolutely legal. Like other eCommerce websites, its reliability depends on the sellers. 

Why does AliExpress sell products at low cost?

If you browse products on AliExpress, you can see the price of some items is very low compared to others. This can surprise and force you to think, ‘is AliExpress legit’. 

Well, there is no single reason for this. It may be because you are buying directly from sellers and there is no middle-man which saves commission, or there might be some listing tricks that the website has used. 

How long does AliExpress take to deliver your product?

As the question arises, is AliExpress legit, it brings another question with it ━ how much time will it take to deliver your products? And whether it will be delivered or not? 

According to the reviews, AliExpress takes 20-60 days to deliver the products depending on the item and the other conditions. After the pandemic, AliExpress increased its time to up to 90 days. 

Yes, three months is an unpleasantly long period to wait for your item, but it's worth it if you get it at reasonable prices. Of course, you won’t prefer it if you need something urgent. 

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Tips to shop from AliExpress

You might get an answer to your query, 'Is AliExpress legit.' 

When you know AliExpress is a legit platform for shopping, you will now search for tips to buy products. Let's dwell on the tricks to do safe shopping. 

  • Check customers reviews on the website 

  • Check AliExpress seller's score 

  • Do not provide your personal information to the seller

  • Never pay directly to the seller from the internal payment options

  • Never confirm delivery of an item unless you actually receive it. 


You can not judge the security and reliability of the online platform, and everything depends on the seller's integrity and your mindfulness. Before making the purchase, it is your responsibility to go through all rules and regulations of the website, product description, review, and seller rating. You must be vigilant while placing your order if you want safe purchasing. Also, you will not be allowed to get refunds or exchanges once your order is delivered. 

So here we sort your concern about ‘is AliExpress legit’. Also, we have provided all relevant information about the AliExpress website that will help you in your next purchase. 

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