Best Budget Gaming Phones In India For Game Lovers

Best Budget Gaming Phone

People are getting addicted to mobile games lately. PUBG and Fortnite are getting popular day by day and smartphone companies are trying to grow with the popularity of such games. All smartphones are not meant for gaming but it doesn’t mean those phones are not capable of opening particular games. Rather game lovers will feel some glitches while playing PUBG and Fortnite. For that reason, Smartphone manufacturers focus on a specific category of best mobile phones for gaming.

In India, people are obsessed with PUBG like anything, and that is the reason why smartphone companies are targeting a very niche audience. For playing such games you need to buy some specific high-quality phones which will be apt to give you a glitch-free experience while playing it. We are going to give you a list of the top 5 smartphones which are simply an amazing device in the market for the best experience in gaming.

iPhone SE 2020 (Powerful Graphics)

Surfaced the market as an alternative to iPhone 11, it seems that Apple’s engineers have designed iPhone SE (2020) solely for gaming purpose. SE allows you to be a part of the Apple community without breaking into your bank. What makes it the best gaming phone in India is its  4.7" Retina HD display and interestingly its processor - A13 Bionic Chip that supplies enough power to allow you play your favorite game smoothly at high definition without compromising graphics.



Apple iPhone X (Great Gaming Experience)

iPhone X is equipped with a Bionic A11 chip and many more features make this phone the fastest smartphone in the market today. This newly introduced chipset works well in tandem with a quad-core CPU. Apple also has Metal API and this makes playing a game on this device much smoother. iPhone X users know about how incredible this phone is. It provides the best graphics and frame rates which are the ideal features for any game. Apple iPhone X has a 1.42GHz mistral quad-core processor and a 2.39GHz monsoon dual-core processor. These processors have 3GB RAM. Because of the dual-core performance booster, this phone has a 25% faster performance. All these features add this device to the list of best gaming phones in 2021.


Samsung Galaxy A50 (Affordable yet Powerful)

Another under-budget gaming phone in India is here. The Samsung Galaxy A50 offers ultimate gaming experience in an affordable price segment and what makes it the best gaming phone in India is its high definition near-full screen display. Being the best budget gaming phone, we have played Call of Duty on high game settings to check graphics and frame rate, and the experience was beyond explanation. With 6.4" super AMOLED display and Octa-core processor to power up the game, Samsung Galaxy A50 is one of the cheaper and best Android Gaming Phones in India.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

New variants of the Samsung phone are Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. These new devices have all the features that every game lover is looking for. Galaxy S7 has a 5.1’ screen, on the other hand, Galaxy S7 edge has a 5.5’ dual-edge display. These two variants of Samsung galaxy give you a large resolution of 2560 x 1440. And, this is the ideal resolution for Pokemon because it gives you crisp and clear detail. You can say that this phone is the ideal and best phone for pokemon to go to. This phone has the best GPS connectivity which makes this game track your real-time location. The best camera enables you to utilize the augmented reality feature to catch pokemon. It will make you feel like these pokemon creatures exist in our world. This Galaxy S7 has a 3000mah battery which has fast charging and which is best for more catching. You don’t need to wait so long to catch them. However, the S7 edge has a 3600mah battery.



OnePlus 6T(Affordable Gaming Phone in India)

In India, the OnePlus 6T is considered as the best smartphone to play PUBG on it. Users consider this phone as the fastest Android smartphone to play any game. If you compare this phone with Google Pixel, still all Android users will opt for OnePlus 6T as the faster one. OnePlus 6T phone has 6GB or 8GB RAM with 128GB and 256GB internal storage. This capability of RAM and internal storage make this phone apt for fast, smooth, and without any frame drops device to play any game. The OnePlus 6T can run with HDR graphics and Ultra frame rate settings. This phone is the best in terms of solid life battery which provides awesome power to play games. Overall you can say this phone is the best budget gaming phone because it is considerably less expensive than other iOS and Android phones.


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Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (A Perfect Gaming partner)

Pokemon is the kind of game that will surely pull you from your comfort zone. To play such a game you need to step out of your house and quest for some interesting puzzle to solve it. The best thing about the Sony Xperia Z5 compact is that it is dustproof and waterproof. So you feel relaxed while you are busy searching for your pokemon. This phone has an apt screen size which is 4.6’ and it makes this phone a standard smartphone. With optimum size, you get the best grip over this phone. If you are running or strolling, you can do it without any fear of slipping. You can say this phone is the best phone for pokemon to go to.



Honor View 20

However, this phone has a relatively low-key reputation; still, it is considered as the best gaming phone 2020. The reason could be its 6.4’ large screen which is efficient enough to handle 1080p+ content. This phone can run Fortnite at 60fps because of its powerful processor. This phone has no SD card slot but it has 128GB or 256GB internal storage.



ROG Phone 2 (Best Premium Gaming Phone)

Specially designed to a[ppease the gaming community around the world, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 powered, ROG Phone 2 is perhaps the best gaming phone in India that is available at cheap rates. Its ultrasonic Air Triggers put the competitors to shame as they cannot compete with this beast. Also, the Gyro is too advanced that gives you an edge over other players while playing any multiplayer game. With 6.59" AMOLED 10-but HDR display offering 2340X1080 resolutions, it is the best gaming phone in India.



We have personally tested these aforementioned gaming phones in India. From Call of Duty to PUBG and other multiplayer games, we have performed real-time testing and put lights to these affordable and budget gaming phones in India.



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