Dell Inspiron 5578 Review: (7th generation) 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop

Dell Inspiron 5578 Review

Purchasing a laptop is not an easy task, especially when buying a laptop for specific requirements. There are nearly 10 types of laptops varying from screen type, processor, and style. From Notebooks, Ultraportable, Chromebooks, to Macbooks, every laptop has unique specifications & features. With the ever-increasing customer demand, laptop companies are focusing on every aspect of their production to satisfy customers. 

There are several laptops in the market, but today we will share a review of Dell Inspiron 5578, which is pretty popular among tech-savvies. With its 2-in-1 design and next-Gen features, we have to keep it away from other notebooks. Designed to deliver more functionality through flexible design, Dell Inspiron 5579 is a multi-purpose laptop available in 2 variants at affordable prices. We have picked the most affordable model, which has mid-range hardware, specifications, and costs around INR 85,000 onwards. If you have been struggling with Windows 10 issues previously, purchasing Dell Inspiron 5578 would be an ideal decision that will redefine your Windows 10 experience. However, it’s worth an Intel Core i7 7th Gen processor, but does it worth INR 85,000? Let’s do a quick review to check whether or not Dell Inspiron 5578 (i7) is the best 2-in-1 laptop. 

  • Design & Build

The first thing to hit your mind will be its sleek design, which is reimagined to give its user an exclusive experience. Of course, size has always been a big issue and this is why laptops were invented to cut down the weight of traditional desktops. Well, Dell Inspiron 5578 is pretty nice as it weighs 2.3kg, which is not an issue unless you use it as a tablet. When we unbox this solid gadget, we were actually shocked, its design and building material are really good. 

With its innovative & creative 360° hinge, you can experience the all-new Dell Inspiron in four different modes. To use the space wisely, the design includes a 39.6cm (15.6-inches) display to expand your viewing area by up to 40%. Also, the dark grey interior finish is inspired by matte Ferrari to offer an appealing, appearance that fits all occasions. The days are gone when limited variants were available. Today, you can choose the best laptop from more than 2 variants, but Dell doesn’t offer any color choice here. If we talk about its ports & slots, you will get a power button, Volume control, SD Card reader, USB 2.0, Noble Lock Slot, DC Power In, HDMI, USB 3.0, and an Audio Jack. Its dimensions and weight is - Height: 20.2mm, Width: 381.9mm, Depth: 253.1mm, and weight 2.3kg. Dell Inspiron 5578 is designed for professionals.

  • Screen Quality

Whether you are a photo editor or a professional gamer, its screen quality won’t disappoint you at any comparison. Well, what do you expect from an INR 85,000 laptop’s screen? Of course, it won’t be made of diamonds, but the Dell Inspiron 5578 features a 15,6-inch screen with a full high definition resolution. We didn’t flex so much, but our experience of binge-watching Netflix and YouTube was Awesome. Talking about its gaming features, we didn’t find anything to compare with Acer Predator Helios 300 that we reviewed previously. Acer Predator is a dedicated gaming laptop, featuring 15.6-inches WXGA FHD LED display, while Dell Inspiron 5578 features 15.6-inches full HD LED screen with awesome color, brightness, and contrast. Here at Techtoreview, we test every product profoundly before reviewing and rating, hence we played one among the best laptop games on this and the visuals were nice. However, the same cannot be said about the touchscreen.

So, we found it perfect and worth the tag when it comes to choosing the best laptop with the best screen. The rest, you better check as per your profession and needs.

  • Keyboard Quality

If you are a diehard gamer then we have two good news for you. First, we have covered some of the best VR games in 2020, and second, the keyboard quality of this Dell Inspiron 5578 is too awesome for gamers. With LED backlights and T-buttons, its laptop itself serves a 2-in-2 keyboard. So, whether you are a writer, coder, or a huge fan of Counter-Strike, this all-new Dell Inspiron 5578 2-in-1 convertible laptop comes up with amazing features. On behalf of these features, we can say it’s worth INR 85,000.

  • GPU (Graphic Cards)

Dell Inspiron 5578 doesn’t equip a dedicated GPU, instead, Dell has launched it in the market with Intel’s HD Graphics 620 to integrate graphic solutions. Supporting DirectX 12, this card runs at a maximum speed of 1000 MHz. According to 3D Mark Benchmark, it has an average GPU, but installing an extended RAM can boost the overall performance of the system. It will do nothing but activate the dual-channel mode in your laptop that will eventually improve performance.

  • RAM & OS

Neither design nor the screen quality, it’s RAM and OS that determines the overall performance of a laptop. However, the hardware can be weakened with the passing days, but the operating system and RAM would work seamlessly. The Windows 10 operating system comes with a tablet mode that is available in nearly all laptops equipped with Windows 10. In our model of Dell Inspiron 5578, the combination of a powerful solid-state disk and a fast processor creates a high-speed 2-in-1 laptop. The PCMark Benchmark has been given a very good score to this beast and praised for its overall powerful performance.

So, the capacity of RAM has always been tested by using multiple applications at one time, and we did the same here at Techtoreview. We checked with some internet-based applications and offline too and found a slight improvement in overall performance is possible if the user installs an extended RAM.  We review the model number Inspiron 5578 that runs on a 7th generation Intel Core i7-7100 processor along with an 8GB Ram. So, you can use Dropbox to get 1TB drive and 20GB additional data.

  • Overall Performance

In short, the Dell Inspiron 5578 is an excellent 2-in-1 convertible laptop when it comes to dedicated gamers who love their jobs too. But, the hardware and OS is a little overambitious. There are so many better options available in the market that customers will check before spending a big amount of INR 85,000. And the worst part, the Windows 10 experience is overrated as most users have complained about its interface and long reboot timings. Also, it is creating issues with Google Chrome as well. 

Though, we don’t see any problem with the software of Dell Inspiron 5578. Media performance was surprisingly good as the screen delivered full high definition visuals to please you. With its built-in speakers, Dell promises to deliver high-quality sound as well. However, the CPU is pretty low on the Benchmarks, hence you cannot expect to play any game that you want. You may have to compromise at some points. 

In the end, the Dell Inspiron 5578 is an overambitious laptop, that has limited hardware & software. To be frank, the flexible design can enhance the experience in some areas, but it is not worth paying a high price of Rs. 85,000 for this. So, if you are flexible with prices, we would recommend you to go with higher models.

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