Facebook Launched It’s Gaming App To Compete With Amazon Twitch And YouTube

Facebook Gaming App

Finally Facebook is here with its all new gaming application to take on the popular online game streaming apps like Amazon Twitch and YouTube. World’s leading social media company Facebook has been planning to launch the app in the last of June, as the company released a new statement with a change in its plans to launch it’s gaming app in May. 

With more and more people staying-at-home amid coronavirus lockdown, launching of Facebook games would be a great deal. People living under the dark clouds of COVID-19 are seeking for entertainment and recreation and this app may meet all their needs, therefore it can be seen as an impulsive breakthrough in the enlarging and transforming the eSports industry in India. All-new Facebook Gaming App will introduce something that Amazon’s Twitch and YouTube streaming portals are lacking because the motto of launching this amid coronavirus lockdown is to join the competition against these industry giants. However, Facebook just joined the game. Let's see what features are in the bag.

At this time when each of us sees gaming with the sole purpose of entertainment that really connects the people, therefore, investing in gaming in basics has become our priority, said Facebook App Head, Fidji Simo, reports the New York Times. From Nintendo switch to Xbox game bar, we have been through various platforms to explore the true zeal of true gamers and Facebook has got something real. Leading Social Media Brand Facebook is one of the best applications that connects people together. And it’s gaming app is supposed to feature the same attributes. Here’s everything that we know about the Facebook Gaming app right now.

What is Facebook Gaming App and How Does It Work?

Though this is the first time when Facebook entered into the eSport industry because Facebook earlier has launched a dedicated online streaming hub and made a way towards the video game streaming world dominated by Amazon Twitch and YouTube. 

Facebook recently launched its dedicated, independent hub or online gaming streaming platform known as FB.gg. It provides Facebook live streamers - dedicated eSports gamers - who usually stream their gameplay - with a base to start live streaming. The company has introduced an easy way to live stream by giving one tap option within the Facebook app on your phone to encourage gamers. And to make streaming easier for you, it is a gaming hub linked to Facebook that is available on the main Facebook or accessible by the URL. 

This is how Facebook has introduced its new game streaming hub to the gamers community:

“People will be able to discover gaming videos and content on our new destination based on creators and the games they follow, Pages they like and Groups they belong to. We’ll also feature creators, esports competitions and content from gaming industry events on FB.gg.”

Though Facebook’s gaming app was a part of an experiment but it is increasing rapidly as of now when more and more people are playing video games. Also, it has a feed section where you can explore gaming content of your interest and an expanded gaming inventory to enable you to switch between watching and playing games. 

How Does Facebook’s New Game Streaming Platform Work?



With an introduction to the Facebook Gaming Hub, you will see a navigation bar, consisting of links to the more sections, namely: Home, Browse Games, Browse Streamers, view clips and more. Here’s how the entire section works.


Right after you will land on the homepage of Facebook game streaming hub, you will find features live streaming at the top left side associated with a category introducing current live streams and another category will let you explore other game streams. And below under the category of suggested streamers, you can individually follow your friends and favorite streamers. You can also navigate your friends and their followings as well. 

Browse Stream: 

You can find live game streaming channels here either to watch gameplay or to joint the custom. You will see Facebook featured or ranked streamers here from Facebook Gaming. Under the section of “suggested” streamers, you will be able to see the streamer already live.

If you are planning to stream your game play, then Facebook has a dedicated page and team to help you out. Here you can sign up and meet the global gaming creator's community to show your skills to the world. This guide will take you through the process of getting started. Here’s how to start.

  • Sign up to Facebook Gaming Creators Community.

  • Create a Page or Name Your Live Streaming.

  • Setting up the Software using either Xbox, Game Bar OBS Studio Classic or Split.

  • Play with the software settings to make it right.

  • Visit The Creators Dashboard to Get your Stream Key.

  • You’re Live now!


This is how Facebook Gaming works, you can also make money by live streaming on this Game streaming hub where millions of eSports gamers come and stream their gameplay. Though Facebook has launched this app to beat Amazon Twitch and YouTube streaming, it may go beyond with it’s ultimate features. Well, the newly launched Facebook Game Streaming App is available in Android only, but it will be available on iOS soon. 

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