How To Download & Install iPadOS 13.5 On Your iPad And Mac

How to Download iPadOS

Do you think your iPad is slow or doesn’t meet your criteria? It may be caused by using an old iOS version. Apple introduced iPadOS last year and it introduced an astounding redesigned operating system for nearly all apple tablets — iPad (excluding a few of the oldest iPad models). 
This is the first time when Apple announced the new operating system - that is designed to take advantage of iPad’s larger screens - in late 2019 in June at WWDC 2019, although people were left waiting with suspense until late September 24, 2019, for it to surface or hit the market. 
Now, Apple has lifted the curtains over the iPadOS 13.5 that is almost ready and waiting for you to download and experience an outstanding iPad performance. Unfortunately, the oldest iPads cannot upgrade to this version of iOS — particularly, the original iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, and iPad Mini 3. 
We have run through a very short & simple guide for how to download & install iPadOS 13.5 on your iPad. Keep reading to know the steps and what benefits it will bring to your experience. 

How to Install iPadOS 13.5 on Your iPad?

This is perhaps the easiest way that most people can easily understand to download & install ipadOS newest version. You can do this easily because it’s fast, it’s efficient and easy-to-understand as well. 

  • Backup your iCloud data before installing the new version.

  • Open setting from your Home Screen.

  • Tap on General.

  • Touch Software Update appears on the top.

  • Tap on Download & Install.

  • Now, enter your passcode (It’s mandatory).

  • Agree to the terms & conditions.

  • Tap agree to confirm the installation

The downloading will start automatically. In case the download doesn’t start right after following the process, you may see a notification prompt on the screen “Preparing to download.” Hold down, it will take a few minutes to prepare, and it will be replaced with your older iOS version after downloading. 

How to Install iPadOS 13.5 on Your Mac

If you’re running out of space on your Apple device or software update is not working for anonymous reasons, don’t worry, you can do it through iTunes as well. Here’s how to do it

  • Make sure you have a recent backup and ensure you’ve encrypted all your passwords and other data so it’ll be preserved. 

  • Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch to your USB to 30-pin Dock cable. 

  • Go to Finder, find your device at the top left, and click on the device tab to access.

  • Click on ‘Check for Update’.

  • Now click on download & update.

  • Click to agree on terms & conditions.

  • Confirm through entering your Passcode on iPad or iPhone. 

This is so simple that you can learn to install iPadOS 13.5 to your iPad on your fingertips. Here at TechToReview, our technology experts work relentlessly to bring the latest update to you first. So, enjoy the smooth performance of your iPad in just minutes.


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