All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler From NZXT: Kraken X63

Kraken X63

Just like the CPU is an integral part of a computer system, so is the CPU cooler is an essential part of the CPU. It is almost hard to runa computer without ensuring there is a proper cooling system installed. Why? Because if you keep running the system for a long time, your system’s processor can get overheated and will eventually stop working. That’s where CPU coolers become vital since they are designed in a way that they dissipate heat produced by the processor that sits at the heart of your PC. The radiators, fans, and other essential elements in the CPU coolerlet accumulated heat energy flow away from crucial working parts without damaging the hardware. If you’re searching for a powerful CPU cooler, then Kraken X63 is an ideal solution for you. 


In this write-up, we will walk you through a complete Kraken X63 review, so bear with us till the end. 

Kraken X63: An Overview

Kraken x63 is a 280mm liquid CPU cooler developed by NZXT. This is a must-have CPU cooler which is quite compatible with AMD and Intel processors, making it ideal for anyone looking for an efficient CPU cooling system. Further, one can easily customise Kraken X63 cooling CPU and fan’s RGB lighting NZXT CAM software, which allows you to illumination settings and colourisation for a unique personal touch. In fact, this CPU is also compatible with a wide range of cases and features 40mm reinformed extended tubing, allowing you to easily install the radiator and pump block in various orientations. 


Powerful features of Kraken X63 


Curious to know about the different features of Kraken X63 CPU cooler? Just keep on reading the features mentioned below. 


  • Kraken X63 CPU cooler features the most advanced control to be included in an all-in-one liquid cooler. This CPU cooler is designed for full and mid-tower cases with support for 280mm radiator mounting. 

  • It features a new pump which is both quieter and capable of displacing more liquid than its previous generation.  This CPU offers optimal performance even in the most intense gaming sessions. 

  • It manages the performance with precision and makes changes quickly. You can even monitor the pump speed and adjust the liquid temperature as well. Further, the cooler features two RGB channels and a signature infinite mirror effect for stunning lightning. 

  • This CPU is highly compatible with Intel Socket LGA 1200, and AMD Socket AM4, TR4. 

  • It comes with a 10% bigger LED ring that allows for more vivid RGB. A rotatable top accommodates re-orienting the logo regardless of the direction in which the cooler is installed. 




Dimension: 143x315x30mm

Water block 

Dimension: 80x80x55mm

Material: Black, Copper, Plastic 


Material: Plastic and brass 

Rotation: Orientation: 360 degree with 30 degree increments 

HUE 2 channel output voltage: 5V DC 


Length: 400mm

Material: Ultra low evaporation rubber with Nylon braided sleeves 


Per P140

Dimension: 140x140x26mm

Speed: 500-1800+300 RPM

Air Flow: 2 7. 2 7 - 9 8.1 7 C F M 

Air pressure: 0.21 - 2.71 mm H2O

Noise: 21 - 38 dBA

Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Power Consumption: 12V DC,0.38A, 4.56W

Connector: 4-pin PWM 

Life: 60,0000 hours/ 6 years 


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Benefits of using CPU cooler 

There is no doubt that excessive use of PCs calls for an efficient  CPU cooling system. Though there are many ways to keep your CPU cool, the popular and effective way is to through a CPU liquid cooler. Undoubtedly, these coolers come with a lot of extraordinary features for any use from desktops to portable systems. Since there are temperature displays comes with  some CPU coolers, it is quite easier to access them and Kraken X63 is one such CPU cooler that offers great benefits of using it. As it is crucial to keep all your parts maintained at the average temperature for usage which eventually ensures better performance of your system. 

e hope that you found this blog informative on Kraken X63. Make sure to check all the details and specifications before buying this CPU cooler. 


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