iPhone Or iPad Features: How To Start Split Screen On iPhone Or iPad

How to start a split screen on iPhone or iPad

iPhone and iPad are really incredible devices as they are from the house of the most prominent brand called Apple. And the combination of these two can replace the laptop or desktop on a large scale. To take full advantage of the devices, you need to be aware of the features of the device. The iPhone arguably is an excellent device and what makes it one of the most demanding devices is its amazing features and unbeatable performance. 

The performance of Apple’s device is unmatchable and there is no other device in its competition yet. However, there are some areas where computers or laptops are invaluable and multitasking is one of those. In this way, the iPhone and iPad are catching up with new features that emulate the desktop utility. The ability to use multiple tabs at the same time and using them simultaneously is one of those new features of smartphones. With this new and multitasking feature, it would be more easy and enjoyable to handle more than one app on your screen. 

If you don’t know how to start split-screen mode on your iPhone or iPad, follow the simple guide on how to start split-screen mode on iPhone or iPad for a more enjoyable and better experience. 

Before we start it, or you start testing it on your iPhone or iPad, it's worth pointing out that not all apps support split-screen for instance, some particular games, movies, TV streaming apps, video calls - often don't let you split your screen. 

So let's start-

How To Start Split-Screen Mode On iPhone or iPad 

Let us start with the Dock, which is called as the heart of all the split-screen features on your Apple device. So basically what Dock is, where all the apps allocated for launch. To use split-screen, first, make sure to set up Dock on your iPhone via Setting>HomeScreen & Dock> Multitasking. Now toggle on the three controls to allow multiple apps, Picture in picture and Gestures. 

  • Move An App Icon To The Left Side Of The Dock: Start with the planning which apps you want to use in the split-screen. Tap and hold an app you want to use and drag it into Dock. The icon can be added to the left-hand side of the divider. And alternatively, if you don't want to stay in the dock, you can quickly launch & close the apps you want to use in order to place their icon in the dock for easy access later.

  • Launch An App: The app you want to be main & larger in size, open that app first. You can split the screen in 50-50 or 75-25 ratio, but this choice is limited to two apps at one time, though, you can have several more options to open and wait in the wings.

  • Swipe Up From The Bottom To Access The Dock: Once your first app is started, swipe up on the toolbar to incorporate the other apps in the dock and choose the second app. 

  • Select And Drag The App Icon: Now tap and hold the second app & drag up off the dock. As you hover it over it open the app, a rectangular window app that you can drag left or right side of the screen and then release the hold from the app to open it.  

  • Arrange The Split Screen: You can arrange the screen according to your ease. If the large window is occupying most of the screen and another smaller one is off to the side. You can arrange the window in the way you want. 

  • Hide And Show The App Tab: In case you want to hide one of the apps, tap the grey bar on the top of its window and drag it to the side of the screen, which will disappear the app temporarily but will not close the app. Swipe in from the side to reappear it on the screen. 

  • Split The Screen Uniformly: When you start a split-screen, the second app will sit in front of the first app automatically. You can divide the screen evenly between two apps by tapping and holding the grey bar located at the top of the second tab and dragging it down. While switching, both the apps blur temporarily but will divide the screen equally when released.

How to turn off the Split-screen?

Well, when starting a split-screen is not a big thing with these aforementioned guides on How to start a split-screen on an iPhone or iPad, turn off is more than simple. Anytime you want to quit using this feature, simply return to the setting and switch off it. 

This multitasking gesture will act as a manual shortcut to the apps but will take some practice to readily hands on this feature. These were the simple guide on how to split screens on iPhone or iPad to make your work more easy and feasible. If you want to explore more of your iPhone experience and enjoy multiple tasks at one time, the Split-screen is the best option to use multi apps at one time. 


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