Know How To Cast Mobile Screen To Laptop In A Simple Way

how to cast mobile screen to laptop

Nowadays smartphones are common among all age groups. However, no matter how expensive, upgraded and large screen phones you own, they will never match the fun of experiencing big screens like laptops or TVs. The fun to stream your favorite movie, playing games, and video calling on a big screen such as a laptop gives more clarity, great experience, and enthusiasm. Here, built-in screen mirroring features in your smartphones can help you to enhance your viewing experience. How? Okay! We’ll tell you how to cast mobile screen to laptop in detail. 

You can view your mobile screen to a laptop through a screen mirror. Just you need to ensure that your both devices - mobile and laptop have an in-built screen mirror or cast screen feature. Before we start, let us tell you what more you required to use screen mirroring from your android phone to PC. 

Equipment For Screen Mirroring- 

  • USB Debugging

  • Third Pary Applications

USB Debugging

It will help your Android phone to communicate with your PC. Yes, this is the option that allows you to transfer and receive information such as images, files, videos, etc. If you’re familiar with this option, that’s good, and if not, take a look at how you can easily enable USB debugging mode. Here is the step-to-step guide

Step 1. Go to your Android Settings>System>About Phone
Step 2. Now scroll down and tap Build Number 5-7 times. You will see a notification like, ‘You are (X) number of steps away from being a developer’. 
Step 3. Next, go back to your settings, where you’ll come across the new developer option. 
Step 4. Enable the USB debugging option, confirm the action by hitting the ‘OK’ option. 

Now, screen mirroring requires applications to run smoothly between the smartphone and the laptop. Here is the list of applications that you can use to mirror your android phone with PC at ease. 

Third-Party Applications 

  • AirDroid (Windows/Mac)

This application is specially designed for sharing your information and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This screen-sharing app allows you to transfer images, videos & files to a smartphone to Mac or Windows laptop wirelessly.  

Step 1. Once you download and install the app, sing up into account by creating usernames and passwords. 
Step 2. After signing in, tap on the My device option, where you’ll come across web IP address. Now open AirDrop in your Android Phone. 
Step 3. Next, enter this URL on the browser of your PC. 
Step 4. Here, you’ll get a request to view all apps and notification from your phone on your PC, Tap on the enabled option to start. 

You can now easily control the features via mouse and keyboard. 

  • Mobizen (Windows)

Mobizen allows its Android users to connect seamlessly with PC or desktop. The app is absolutely easy to install and compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari browsers. With this app, users are enabled to screen mirroring as well as screen-sharing to various content from your android device to your PC in a jiffy. 

Step 1. Download and install the app on both devices. 
Step 2. Now open the app on your phone. A setup request will appear on your screen, tap on next to proceed. 
Step 3. Accept the term & conditions and privacy & policies.
Step 4. Enter your existing email and password and install the request Rsupport and click on the installation. 
Step 5. Once done, log in to your Mobizen app on your PC, select Android device, and press OK to continue. 

Enjoy your screen mirroring experience. 

  • ApowerMirror (Windows/Mac)

ApowerMirror is another answer to your question of how to cast mobile screen to your laptop. Via this application, you can control your smartphone from a PC with a mouse and keyboard. With this, you can freely enjoy media files saved on the phone from your laptop. Alongside you can present your PPT, PDF, or other documents on the big screen. Gamers also enjoy their favorite games. 

Step 1. Download and install the app on your PC (Windows/Mac) and mobile. 
Step 2. Connect your Android phone with a USB cable and enable debugging mode. Choose ‘Always allow on this computer’ and tap on OK.
Step 3.  Open the app on android phone, a notification will pop up on your mobile screen, you need to click on the ‘Start Now’ option.

This is the best option to view phone screen on vis USB.  

  • Vysor (Windows & Mac)

This app is an extension to google chrome and projecting your mobile screen on your PC at ease. When you download this app, you’ll come across two versions, premium and free. Although, there is not much difference between both of the versions as you can’t change the resolution of the mirrored device with free versions that you can do with the premium. Nevertheless, both versions will allow you to take screenshots seamlessly. 

Step 1. Download and install the Vysor app on your Android Smartphone, and connect your phone to your PC via USB cable. 
Step 2. Next, open the chrome browser on your PC and download the app. 
Step 3. A list of detected divides will appear on the screen, select your device name. 
Step 4. Click on the ‘OK’ to start the mirroring process. 

With the above third-party apps, you probably have picked your best suitable app to view your phone screen on PC. This method is way better than others because it is free of cost while delivering high-end quality. 


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