How To Block Ads On Hulu? Easy, Free & 100% Working Methods

How to Block Ads on Hulu

Are you tired of watching long and annoying ads? Want to binge your shows without interruption? This post contains the easiest ways to block ads on Hulu, so now you can watch all your favorite dramas without any annoying ad breaks! Exciting, isn’t it? Some of these ways not only help you to block ads on Hulu but also on others applications such as YouTube. You have got to take a look at these methods mentioned below! 

How To Block Ads on Hulu? 8 Methods For 100% Efficiency

This post contains the most effective and free ways to block ads on Hulu so that you can enjoy your favorite shows without any interruption. Let’s take a look at different ways to block ads Hulu on Android / Windows/ iOS devices. 

1. Refresh The Page 

This method is an effective way to block ads on Hulu if you don't want to install any plugins or buy an application. The ad will be cut in half if you simply refresh the program page. True, the method does not actually remove the advertisements. Rather, it reduces the length. You're probably aware that Hulu ads vary in length depending on the length of the video, which can be annoying while waiting for a streaming video or movie. You don't have to watch the entire advertisement if you reload the page.

2. Web Filtering

To block ads on Hulu You'll need to first gain access to the router's control panel. Then go to Access/Parental Control and do the following:- 

  • Make sure your smartphone or computer is connected to a Wi-Fi router. 

  • To access the admin console, open a new tab in your browser and type in the IP address. *The router's IP address varies depending on the model and manufacturer. As a result, please double-check it before entering it.* 

  • Look for the URL block /web filtering option in the URL block /web filtering option. 

  • Enter "" as the URL.

  • Restart the router by pressing the Apply button.


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3. AdBlock Plus 

This plugin is really useful if you use Hulu on your computer. Adblock Plus not only block ads on Hulu, but it also lets you block ads on Twitch and other websites you frequent. Unfortunately, Adblock Plus does not block adverts directly; instead, it replaces the ads with a white blank screen. This option is ideal for you if you want to stare at a blank screen rather than watch long Hulu commercials. This extension may cause issues such as the Hulu video not loading or appearing. In such circumstances, briefly disable the extension and then re-enable it once some time has passed.

4. Skip Between Two Tabs 

Start by opening two Hulu tabs to block ads on Hulu. Mute the second tab and fast forward to the first ad marker in the show. Start watching your movie in the first tab. When the ad on the first tab begins to play, mute it and switch to the second tab. Return to the place where you were interrupted and begin watching again from there. If you don't mind the extra steps, this method for avoiding commercials on Hulu is quite successful. The advertising may have already been shown on the second tab, so you'd be watching from the point where the ad ended. 

5. Blokada

Blocking ads using Blokada Hulu is another easy method. It is a free and open-source ad blocker that works on Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. When you're watching Hulu shows on your phone, it simply helps to block adverts from appearing on the screen. It effortlessly disables advertisements across all apps (Hulu, Youtube), as well as malware and pop-ups. It is kid-friendly because it blocks adults, gambling websites, and malicious websites. It is also completely free and open source.

6. Enounce MySpeed

Enounce MySpeed is a program that may be used to block ads on Hulu. The software does not block the ad but rather speeds it up. Yes, bring it forward if you can't block it. Enounce MySpeed does an excellent job at speeding up advertising on Hulu, so you won't have to wait long. In our world, however, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The cost of this versatile and outstanding program is $29.99. If you want to see how successful it is, sign up for a free 7-day trial and then make your own conclusion. You will be astonished by how this program is what you need to skip the commercials. 

7. Add Hulu Ad Skipper Extension to Your Chrome

Block ads on Hulu have become the most searched question among couch potatoes.  The Hulu Adblocker Skipper extension is a well-known Chrome addon. The instructions to add and install the Hulu Ad Skipper:- 

  • Visit the Chrome App Store and search for Huku AdBlocker, click the "Add to Chrome" button and then the "Add" button. 

  • After you've installed the extension, go to and type in your Hulu login credentials. Open any show you'd like to see. When commercials occur on your screen, the plugin will automatically recognize and skip them, as well as block ads.


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Go Premium 

The Hulu premium version may be a wonderful option if you wish to block ads on Hulu and enjoy your favorite Hulu shows and movies. If you don't have this Hulu premium version, you can't claim to be the biggest fan of the TV show. As you may be aware, the premium version disables ad popups while watching the movie. Aside from that, this version offers a large range of services to personalize your experience. The Hulu Premium (No Ads) plan is $11.99 per month, while the Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV plan costs $60.99 per month.  Given the features provided, the Hulu premium fee is affordable and worthwhile, as it grants access to premium versions of Hulu with no Hulu advertisements.

How to block Ads on Hulu for Android or Windows?

If you're an Android user who's annoyed by Hulu ads, you can use ad-blocker apps to block Hulu ads on your device. On the Google Play Store, you can find a variety of ad blocker apps to help you block Hulu ads. On your Android devices, you can utilize the ad blocker apps listed above. You can use the toggling between tabs approach on Windows or install chrome adblocker extensions. These are the simplest ways to remove advertising on Hulu so you can watch your favorite episodes uninterrupted.

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How to block Ads on Hulu for iPhone/ iPad? 

When it comes to iOS, it is a bit difficult to block ads, because the platform is not entirely open-source, each app must go through a rigorous approval process. Any working solution for iOS devices is difficult to come by. You can, however, look for and install some existing Adblocker apps on your iPhone to see whether they can block Hulu advertisements on your device. Else you can always choose the browser method to block ads on Hulu on Chromecast/ iOS. 

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These are the different ways to block ads on Hulu using chrome extension, adblocker applications, and a few other tricks that suit every device be it android, iOS, or windows. If these ways work for you, drop your comments and let me know. All these are tried and tested methods and they give effective results. Hope they work for you. Happy streaming! 

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