Some Best Ways To Unblock Blocked Websites Online

unblock blocked websites online

You must have encountered such situations where you are not able to browse some websites. There can be many reasons behind it. Various websites are blocked by ISP (Internet Service Provider) for uncertain reasons. Sometimes school authorities block specific websites internally to keep students away from distractions. Other reasons can be location restrictions behind blocked websites. These reasons hardly matter when it comes to the usage of such websites. In the end, the users get annoyed by such restrictions when they want to take some help from such websites. Sometimes you leave browsing them. Not every time you know how to unblock websites at school or any institution.   
Is there any way to browse such websites which have been blocked by the government or ISP? Bypassing such websites is not the solution as they might contain such content which can be very helpful in your daily tasks. That’s why we are here to rescue this situation. It is very simple to unblock such websites. You can unblock them with varying methods on your smartphones and desktop. We are here to tell you all the different procedures that will allow you to unblock blocked websites online
There are diff-diff websites which are blocked in one country but not in the rest of the world. E.g. Pakistan has banned YouTube; China has banned Facebook/Twitter and other popular websites. There are popular streaming sites like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime are used in certain countries. What if, you get a chance to access such websites in non-supported countries? Yes. There is way called VPN software to let you access these sites no matter from where you are browsing them.

1. Unblock websites through extensions on Desktop or Laptop (Mac/Windows PC)

There are various methods to access blocked content on the World Wide Web. The first method works best with either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

• For Google Chrome – If you have Google Chrome as your preferred browser, so you can download a proxy extension for the browser. It will allow easy access to the blocked websites on your PC. There are a few steps to complete this process. 

  1. You need to download Browsec or ZenMate on your browser of Google Chrome.
  2. When the installation gets completed, you need to click the extension icon which is on the top-right corner of Chrome. Now you need to activate it.
  3. When it gets activated, it will let you surf any website on the internet even if it is blocked. 


• For Mozilla Firefox – This web browser allows you to download varying different proxy add-ons. These proxy add-ons let you unblock any blocked websites. ZenMate and Browsec add-ons are not limited to Google Chrome. You can say this is the best free proxy on the internet. You can use these add-ons on the Mozilla Firefox browser. What you need to do is-

  1. First, download Browsec or ZenMate on your browser (Firefox).
  2. After downloading it, you need to click on the add-on icon which is in the top-right corner of Firefox browser. It has been activated now.
  3. After it gets activated, you can browse all blocked websites hassle-free.


2. Unblock websites through VPN software on Laptop or Desktop

If you are not a fan of extensions and add-on, you don’t need to get worried about this. We have several options to unblock website without proxy. Installing VPN software on your Windows PC is the best option to access blocked websites. Although there is countless VPN software available online, we are writing about only the best 3 VPN services. VPN software provides free services as well as a paid one. Here is the list-

• Cyberghost VPN – This software is one of the best in this list to unblock websites at school, institutions and organization. Cyberghost gives you free service. It also gives you one option to pay a small fee for the premium version which gives you fast speed and more location than the free version. If you take one-year membership then you need to shell out $34.99. This software can work on multiple platforms.


• Hotspot Shield – Second VPN software which we have included in our list is Hotspot Shield. This software is available on numerous platforms. This free version gives you great speed. But if you don’t buy it for one year and keep using it free, you must get encountered with annoying ads. So skip such a situation you must buy its 1-year membership for $29.95.


• Spotflux VPN - This software can be said the most advanced VPN which is available for PC. The free version of Spotflux VPN allows you to access all blocked websites around the world. On the contrary, the premium version gives you ad-blocking features. Besides that, it offers you high-performance locations, data compression and many more features. But for that, you need to pay $37.99 on yearly basis.

This above-mentioned software and proxy add-ons are available for desktops and laptop only. We are here for those who are looking for some apps which work well with smartphones and tablets. We are going to provide you with another list of best apps to unblock blocked websites online. We also offer some useful tips for all smartphone lovers. Here is the list of some apps which are available on Google Play and App Store respectively.

3. Unblock blocked websites on Android smartphones and tablets

Unblocking blocked websites and content on an Android device is a very simple and easy task. To unblock such websites you need to just download an app from the Google Play store. We are mentioning the best 3 apps which are best among all other VPN apps. 

• Cyberghost – This is VPN software and also an app which is available on the Android platform. When you buy a premium membership for Cyberghost on VPN software that will also work for this app. If you are using the free version of this app you have the access of large collection of locations and servers. And, from that, you can choose according to your suitability. 

• Tunnel Bear VPN – With Tunnel Bear VPN you get fastest free servers. This app gives you the best experience which is available on Android. However, this free version is limited to 1 GB only. To use this app without any interruption, you need to pay some money to buy the membership.


• Hideninja VPN – This app, which is available on Android, provides you with better security, faster speeds and unlimited free data. Hideninja VPN offers you some extra features for better security while browsing. This app is best in preventing users from online trackers. These trackers are deployed by different advertisers to know more about you. 


4. Unblock Blocked websites on iPhone and iPad

We are not only focusing on Android users, but we also want to help iOS users also. That’s why; we are including some best and famous apps which only work with the iOS platform and available on the Apple Store. These are the best iOS apps to unblock website without proxy

• Hotspot Shield – This app has marked its presence again. Hotspot Shield is considered as one of the best and free VPN apps. This app is only available on the iOS platform. Although the free version of this app has almost all features, you can unlock some extra features of this app with a premium version. However, you need to pay some amount to use it.

• VpnOneClick – This app works well with some specific IP addresses from some preferred countries. This VPN app is very good to handle. One major drawback of this app is its free version only lasts for a few days. To use the uninterrupted version of this amazing app you need to pay around $1.99 per month.


• Spotflux – You can download this app from the Apple Store. Your premium membership will carry over to all iOS device if you have already bought its premium membership. Though the free version of this app also capable enough to provide fast and stable speed. It also gives protection from online trackers.


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