Best File Transfer App For PC For Hassle-free Data Transferring

Best File Transfer App For PC

Regardless of what kind of data is, it is always crucial for everyone. We highly depend on our devices such as PC & laptops and, undoubtedly, we transfer lots of data from PC every day in order to keep it safe or any other purpose. But the process would be easier and meet perfection if you have the right tool for the job. 

Transferring data from one device to another is always a monotonous task, not just because it takes many efforts but it also requires attention to ensure everything has transferred completely. 

If you’re looking for the best file transfer app for PC, then we have compiled the list of some most comprehensive apps that can reduce your hassle of transferring files from one device to another. Find the right one for you and you’ll never have to carry and plugin data cable into your devices only to transfer your data. Continue reading to know what are those apps through which you can share your files between devices. 

  • AirDroid

  • SuperBeam

  • Pushbullet

  • Portal

  • BitTorrent Shoot 

Scroll for the details:

  • AirDroid (Windows)

When it comes to wireless transferring, AirDroid is always considered the best file transfer app for PC. The app is packed with features that allow you to receive/send the files effectively. There is a full-fledged file manager to share files from the PC as well as enables its users to view photos and play music from local storage. 

  • SuperBeam (Windows/iOS)

The app is specially designed to help its users to transfer files between the devices easily. Superbeam requires Wi-Fi to connect your PC with other devices with the same network connection. You’ll have a neat and clean interface that makes it user-friendly and the most famous app among the users. You can connect it with the help of a QR code and NFC. 

  • Pushbullet (Windows/iOS)

What Pushbullet does is, allow its users to send/receive SMS messages from PC to mobile. Apart from this, you can copy and paste the links of your smartphone to the desktop of the PC and also notify you when any new message arrives and even help you with file transfer. This app works regardless of data connection that gives you a hassle-free file transferring anywhere. And this is what makes it the best file transfer app for PC. 

  • Portal (Windows)

If you find it still complicated with the apps we’ve shown you above, Portal is another app for speedy file transfer from PC to other devices. You can just use the app by installing and scanning through QR code. This app is just very convenient to use as you can transfer unlimited files without having an internet connection. 

  • BitTorrent Shoot (Windows/iOS)

Let’s complete the collection of apps with this multi-device app. But there is one downside of the app that it can only share photos and videos. Access the app by scanning the QR code displayed on the other device and then you can select a bunch of photos to share. It is quite simple and free to use. 

Use any one of the apps for wireless file transfer between the devices. Now no more struggling with card-readers, Pendrive, and data cables as you can easily transfer your file now by choosing the best file transfer app for PC that suits perfectly to your needs. Most apps mentioned above are free to download except Superbeam as it just charges $0.99. Enjoy these free file transfer apps and keep your hassles at bay. 


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