Future of Adtech: Emerging Advertising Trends You Must Know!

future of Adtech

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time” – Henry Ford

The future of marketing lies in Adtech or advertising technology. Top brands, like Amazon, Nike, Apple, and CRED, have already geared up with intelligent advertising. Modern digital marketing reshaped the traditional ads to be more personalised and specific, with advanced analytics to drive optimal results. Recently, the trends emerged as programmatic advertising, ads exchanges, and real-time bidding to increase their market share and ROI.

According to Future Market Insights, the global Adtech market size has expanded to $1007.60 billion in 2023. With a CAGR or Compound Annual Growth Rate of 13.7%, it will reach a market valuation of $3638.25 billion by 2033. 

As new edge-technology integration makes the advertising market more competitive, what will be the future of Adtech? Let’s catch up on the latest Adtech trends in the blog in detail.

Top AdTech Trends in 2024

The advertising space of top brands, agencies, publishers and platforms actively adopt Adtech trends of AI-based solutions like ChatGPT that leverage the global market. With emerging technologies, advertisers can eliminate challenges like high ad spend. Also, gear up their social media advertising like Instagram reels with AI-generated content. 

Let’s review the latest Adtech trends that will make space in 2024 and how advertisers adapt this technology to break the pattern of consumer behaviour. 

Ads Gamification

The concept of turning ads into engaging games is fostered in the advertising space. For instance, advertisers spin the wheel on the website to provide users with discounts and offers. So, trending gamification Adtech has a positive psychological impact on consumers to gain rewards through fun games, and brands get higher conversion rates. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality(AR/VR)

Advertisers are actively researching and integrating AR & VR advertisements to scale up media ads. It creates a chance for personalised ads where they can even experience new features like recent brands using virtual trails to elevate shopping experiences. A combination of AR & VR can evolve the existing ad targeting mechanism as an effective Adtech trend to follow.

Programmatic Advertising 

It accelerated the market by targeting precise buyers using automation and real-time data insights. Programmatic advertising ensures that ad space is utilised efficiently to convert more new consumers. Automation replaces advertisers' manual selection with auto-fill, pushing the display ads to the right consumers. 

Advanced Customer Data Platforms 

Customer data platforms and tools help advertisers collect data and analyse information to reach the right target audience. Upcoming upgrade versions of these Adtech platforms will reshape audience segmentation, real-time personalization, omnichannel marketing, and campaign measurement while improving ad performance. 

Native Advertising 

To compete with the challenging ad blockers, native advertising has recently evolved in the market to reach audiences as best Adtech trends. These are sponsored ads that match the look and function of the media format where they appear. As ad blocking has already been a matter of crisis for advertisers, native advertising makes it easy to reach the target audience without ads getting blocked. 

Emergence of CTV Ads 

Connected TV or CTV ads refer to the video ads displayed while any media are streaming on the platform. Top content streaming platforms like Netflix have already rolled out the feature of these Adtech trends of CTV to push their marketing. In the upcoming years, CTV ads can integrate with tools to improve target and segmentation to help get the best results. 

Contextual Advertising 

The next trending Adtech used in the market to expand target audience reach is contextual advertising. It places the ads on the website based on the right content that helps advertisers push products or service advertisements. This trend will grow in future as it defines the base of advertising and places ads in the right context. 

Single Currency Ads

The emerging Adtech trend of single currency ad delivery will favour advertisers running campaigns on multiple platforms with less investment. For media planners, it assists in being a unified platform that manages ad sales and operations. Single currency ads offer better budget optimization than other advertising solutions. 

Ads Exchange 

The growth of Ad exchange assists advertisers in running programmatic ads with the best estimations. Basically, it is a virtual marketplace where the advertisers can connect to buy and sell ad space with real-time bidding. It replaces all extra expenses for crossing intermediary platforms to reach publishers. 

Role of Adtech Trends To Reshape Advertising

There is no doubt that the advertising segment has witnessed a sharp shift with the emergence of trending ad tech solutions. It creates new opportunities for advertisers to scale their ad revenue and helps brands reach the right audience. Here are the positive impacts it can have on ad space:

  1. Integration of automation can push the ads performance. 

  2. It helps to eliminate recent challenges like ad blockers with innovative solutions.

  3. Variability in target and optimisation elements for advertising.

  4. Better control over ads frequency with optimum results.

  5. Enhance ad campaigns that run on multiple platforms without any additional investments. 

  6. Adtech can diminish ad expense wastage with target results. 

Watch Out Adtech Growth!

It would be interesting to see what the future of Adtech holds in the coming months of 2024. The existing landscape of advertising is getting redeveloped with technology integration, so advertisers can set high expectations. 

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