How To Split Screen On Chromebook?

How To Split Screen On Chromebook

Multitasking on a Chromebook is pretty straightforward due to its large range of features, but that doesn't imply that it won’t get tricky. The ability to switch to a split-screen on a Chromebook is one that some users may find a bit overwhelming, and hence they need a “how to split screen on Chromebook” guide.

In these times of immense workloads and never-ending deadlines, technology is the right answer. Learning how to split screen on Chromebook and how to utilize it can save your time and effort.

We'll look at how to split screen on Chromebook or other Chrome OS devices in this article using four easy and effective methods along with how to split screen on Chromebook tablet and exit it.

Method 1: Using the Overview Screen 

The first method for how to split screen on Chromebook tablet is using the Overview screen. The ‘Show Windows’ key is present on the F5 key on your keyboard. It is the key on the right-hand side with a rectangle along with two horizontal lines. When you press this key, Chrome Overview mode appears, displaying all open programs, windows, and desktops on your Chromebook. From the overview page, you can move apps into a multi-window layout. Let's have a look at how to split screen on Chromebook.


1. Open the apps in the split-screen mode that you want to use.

2. On your Chromebook's keyboard, press the ‘Show Windows’ button (found at the F5 location).

Or you can swipe up using three fingers on the touchpad. All active applications should be represented by a card deck.

3. Drag one app to “Drag here to use split-screen” on the screen.

You can move the first/primary app to the left or right edge of the screen as per your convenience.

4. Then, on the other side of your Chromebook's display, click or drag the second app to the empty spot.

Method 2: Drag and Drop

Another easy option for splitting screen on Chromebook, i.e., organizing two apps on your Chromebook in a side-by-side setup, is to use the Drag and Drop method. Now what you need to do is follow these steps.


1. Drag the first app's title bar to the left or right side of the display of your Chromebook. Release when you notice a transparent highlight that covers 50% of the screen.

Depending on which side you pulled the app to, it should automatically dock into the left or right half of the screen.

2. Open the second app and drag it into the space on the screen by dragging the title bar.

Touch the Minimize icon to resize the app window if it takes up the entire screen. You might not be able to drag the app into a split-screen arrangement if you don't do so. So, keep in mind to tap the minimize icon while using this method on how to split screen on Chromebook.

3. Release when you notice a transparent highlight covering the area you wish to place it on the screen.

Both programs should now be docked side by side, each occupying up to 50% of the screen.

Method 3: Using Shortcuts on the Keyboard

The next method for how to split screen on Chromebook is using the keyboard shortcuts. One of the added benefits of Chromebooks and ChromeOS is that practically every action has a keyboard shortcut. On your Chromebook, you can have two apps in a multi-window layout with just a few clicks. Here's how to split screen on Chromebook.


1. To activate the split-screen mode, open any of the two apps you want to add and press the ‘Alt + [’ keys to dock the app on the left side of the screen.

Press the Alt key and the right bracket, i.e., ‘Alt +]’, to get the first app on the right edge of the screen.

2. Open the second app and dock it in the opposite half of your Chromebook display using the same keyboard command.

Assume you docked the first app to the screen's left side. Then launch the second app and press ‘Alt +]’ to shift it to the other side of the screen. Open the second app and press ‘Alt + [‘ to fit the window onto the left edge of the screen if the first app is docked on the right edge.

Method 4: Using the Maximize/Restore Function

If you are still confused about how to split screen on Chromebook, this method is comparatively easy. By using the Maximize/Restore button, not only can you utilize Maximize/Restore to change the size of a window, but you can also use it to organize apps in a Split Screen mode and learn how to split screen on Chromebook tablet as well.


1. Click and hold the Maximize/Restore option present on the first app window.

2. To the left and right of the icon, you should notice two arrows. Move the cursor to the left-facing arrow while holding the Maximize icon to dock the program to the left half of the screen. To send the program to the right half of the screen, move the cursor to the right-facing arrow.

3. Open the second app and repeat the process to transmit the window to your Chromebook's opposite half.

Additional Suggestions on how to split screen on Chromebook

Here are some additional ideas to help you get the most out of your multi-window experience that now you know how to activate and how to split screen on Chromebook.

Split Screen Mode: Resize App Windows

If you'd like to see one of the Split Screen apps in a larger window, place your pointer at the intersection of the two apps and wait for a small icon with two arrows pointing left and right to emerge at the boundary.

To alter the split proportion of both apps at the same time, slowly and correctly move the icon.

(If you are here for how to split screen on Chromebook tablet then - hold the little circle-shaped divider between the apps and drag it to the left or right to resize split-screen windows in tablet mode.)

Exiting Split-Screen Mode

Now that you have learned how to split screen on Chromebook, it is equally important to understand how to exit the split-screen mode. 

The split-screen configuration will be disabled if any of the apps are minimized to the background or a window is maximized to full screen. Closing a program has the same effect.

Why Isn't My App Going Into Split Screen?

If you can't get an app to open in multiple windows on your Chromebook, it's possible that the program doesn't support the feature. Apps that don't support split-screen on ChromeOS typically don't have a Maximize/Restore icon in the title bar. On such apps, you'll only see the Minimize and Close icons. Netflix is a fantastic example.

If you try to push the app into split-screen mode, you'll get an error message saying "App does not support split-screen."

Now you've mastered how to split screen on Chromebook

That's pretty much everything you need to know about how to split screen on Chromebook. Use it the next time you're at a Zoom meeting and want to multitask.

Even when you are looking for how to split screen on Chromebook tablet, you can use any of the techniques (other than the keyboard shortcut trick) to activate the split-screen. The main difference is that you'll have to move the program windows and use your fingers.


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