The phone with the world’s highest (13000) mAh battery


Going with the best title of the phone with the most important battery will be fraught with dangers raise the fellows at Energize with the facility scoop P18K Pop, associate degree 18Ah behemoth. It receives a lot of interest but almost no commitment to buy for a number of reasons including a 22mm thickness. 

Moreover, it hasn’t prevented the other device makers from purchasing that goal, the latest will be the Blackview BV9100, which features the biggest battery we have seen for a while. This upcoming phone has 13Ah battery which is four times the capacity of the Apple iPhone 11, along with the 13Ah unit found in Ulefone Power 5S with a 13Ah battery as well. 


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On the inner side of this phone, there is a Mediatek Helio P35 chipset, 4GB of RAM, three 16-megapixel cameras, 64GB onboard storage (from Samsung and Sony) plus Android 9.0 Pie. Similar to the Ulfone Power 5S, the BV9100 can be used as a power bank for other devices and comes with an IP68 rating that means as a rugged Smartphone, it can take more than a few knocks and it is waterproof. 

The features of BV9100, a 30W charger, the most powerful Smartphone ones on the market; Blackview claims that it can range the device in less than three hours. Moreover, the former is cheaper (likely to be $220 vs $230), has four cameras and wireless charging, and you can snap up the BV9100 from Blackview’s website.


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