How To Improve Laptop Battery Life? Top Tips For Extending The Battery Life Of Your Laptop

How To Improve Laptop Battery Life

All the latest laptops are coming up with long-lasting batteries and are more powerful than ever before. Thanks to mobility advancement because modern laptops are more efficient with improved battery life.

However, they are still below the mark and need to be plugged in throughout the day. While poor battery is the major cause of laptop moans, it’s possible to get outstanding results or performance improvement by practicing ‘How to Improve Battery Life.’

There are a few software such as ‘Battery Saver’ and ‘Battery Dr.’ manipulating people, and it’s totally nonsense to even install this software on your laptop. If you’re worried about poor performance due to poor battery life of your laptop, here are some handy tips to get an improved battery life to speed up your laptop. 
Here are the top tips to extend the battery life of your laptop.

1. Reduce Your Screen Brightness and Other Settings

Do you know, your laptop’s screen is the most power-seeker part of your laptop? It consumes most battery to keep your display looking vibrant, bright and clear, especially the backlight. Your screen’s backlight is what enables you to experience a colorful video and inject color into your imaginations. Though some old model laptops have power-sapping fluorescent backlights, modern laptops have LED Backlights that use even more battery.

Saving this extra power of your laptop’s screen is simply meant to reduce the brightness of your laptop. You can easily find the screen brightness button right next to the sound button representing a sun symbol with plus & minus icons. You can reduce or increase your laptop screen brightness simply using this button. 

2. Change your Laptop’s Power Settings

If you are operating on Windows 10 then it’s going to be easy for you. Windows 10 comes up with excellent power saving features, which enable you to experience the best performance of your laptop via plugging into the mains, and utilize this battery while using your laptop. 

You just need to search for ‘power options’ into the search bar and select ‘Power Saver’ from the drop down or main menu. Windows 10 introduces some amazing power saving methods, including changing power settings or powering off your laptop by putting it to sleep mode more quickly than ever before. Also, if you’re here for your kid’s laptop, then you must keep the screen dim or turn on the night mode because a brighter screen may affect your kid’s eyesight. Here’s how to choose an ideal laptop for your kids.

3. Switch Off Wi-Fi or Unplug LAN Cable

Wireless networking capacities have built into all the modern laptops, and it has increased battery drainage. The Wi-Fi keeps draining the power constantly from your laptop’s battery while searching for networks when you’re not connected but Wi-Fi is on. 

You’re more likely to keep your Wi-Fi on, whether you are using it or not. So, you better turn this off when you’re away from the grid and this is perhaps the most effective way to improve battery life. Most laptops are coming up with a feature to allow you turn on & off wireless adapters in just one tap, but older laptops are still away from such user-friendly features. 

4. Turn Off Peripherals

If you are using USB peripherals to operate any part of your system, then it may lead to a poor battery life because your laptop’s motherboard has to power up these USB Peripherals, so you can save the juice by unplugging that which is not-in-use. USB sticks, webcams, and mice are commonly offenders, therefore you better save the information as soon as possible and turn them off, and make sure you choose your laptop’s trackpad over wireless mouse. If you have to use these things frequently then you can disable USB ports simply using function buttons to turn off inbuilt webcam. You can off notification sound if your laptop keeps beeping all the time because it consumes more battery than the operation itself. 

5. Disable In-built Features

Windows 10 is good unless it’s built-in features start affecting your laptop’s battery life. It has some unnecessary apps and features on your system that may affect your laptop’s performance therefore you better disable them. No, you cannot install these built-in apps & features, but can stop the force. Take a simple step to disable the game bar, XBox tools and other apps that you don’t use. 

These are some handy tips that you can use to improve your laptop’s battery performance to experience a long-lasting usage. Well, Lithium-ion batteries never complete discharge, but you should always use a laptop when it’s charged. There are so many brands offering powerful laptops with lasting battery life, so you can walk through the market before finalizing a laptop. Here’s the list of the best laptops to buy in 2020

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