Best Power Banks For iPhone Users

Best Power Banks For iPhone Users

In recent times, Smartphone manufacturers have started to focus more on the batteries powering their products. But the iPhone manufacturers are not much focusing on their battery capacity, making only a slight betterment to their battery life recently. The simplest way to solve this problem is to carry a portable power bank which can juice up your iPhone in critical situations. We recommend some of the Best Power Bank For iPhone users to brighten up the battery life of your Smartphone.
Sure the iPhone manufacturers have enhanced their Smartphone with bigger batteries, more efficient and fast charging support, but the power consumption by the device is also increased. So the Best Power Bank For iPad, iPhone, and iPod are used to increase the battery life.
Some of the Best Power Bank For iPhone users can be stated as follows:
1. Mi Power Bank 2i:-
Xiomi has been constantly offering the great quality of power banks in the last few years. Its latest Power bank is named as Mi power bank 2i which provides a 20000mAh cell with dual USB output ports. This is currently the best Power Bank For iPhone In India. The dual USB ports can charge two devices at the same time, which can provide the output of 5.1V/3.6A to both the ports. Some of the best features of this Power Bank are as follows:
•    Simultaneous fast charging on both ports
•    Lightweight and attractive design
•    Incredibly cheap in price
2. Mophie Powerstation:-
This Power bank comes with the lighting fast connector of its own but is a bit high in price. The power output of 2.4A is provided through which the fast charging of iPhones are possible. This is said to be as one of the Best Power Bank For iPad Users which provides the 5000mah of battery capacity. The only disadvantage of this power bank is short length cable. Some of the features of Mophie Powerstation power bank for iPhone users can be stated as follows:
•    Integrated lighting cable
•    Fast charging support
•    Premium looks
3. iWALK  Ultra Slim Power Bank:-
This power bank from iWALK comes with the lighting fast cable fitted with it from the side surfaces of the power bank. This is a very thin device with only 13 mm wide, which comes equipped with the 10000mah cell. It can charge three devices at the same time. It also comes with an LCD display to show the charging status and the battery level. Some of the features which make it the best Power Bank for iPhone in India are as follows:
•    Ultra slim 13mm profile
•    Integrated lighting cable
•    Attractive looks
4. Anker Powercore + :-
This power bank comes with a 26800mah of the battery cell with the USB C type port charging. The overall output limit of this power bank is 6A, through which the speed of charging will decrease if more than one device is connected at a single time. The disadvantages of this Power bank includes that it is heavy in weight and its maximum output capped at 6A. Some of the features which are included in it are can be stated as follows:
•    Fast charging support
•    USB type - C support
•    Charges quickly with high power wall charger
5. Aukey Power Bank:-
This Aukey power bank is powered by 30000mah of battery cell through this you can charge iPhone 7 ten times with a single charge. This power bank can be said as the Best Power Bank for iPhone users. This power bank is basically for those who do not like to charge their power bank on a daily basis. Some of its features include:
Recharges using lighting cable
Extremely high capacity

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