How To Broadcast On Xbox One Console Using Twitch & Mixer

How to Broadcast on Xbox One

With the success of YouTube Gaming and Microsoft’s Mixer, there is no doubt people love watching others playing video games as they like playing. Considering this, Microsoft had facilitated Xbox One gamers to stream their gameplay through Mixer, and millions of gamers became curious to know how to broadcast on Xbox One. 

A few years back, gamers worldwide observed that Microsoft had rolled back this facility from Mixer due to its merger with Facebook. Consequently, Xbox One gamers can not broadcast their gameplay. Though, it is said that this option will be available again for Xbox One users once the cooperation between Facebook and Microsoft is developed. But, there are still some ways to broadcast gameplay on Xbox One.  

How to Broadcast on Xbox One?

Besides, Microsoft has removed the option of broadcasting gameplay on Mixer, you can still do the same through Twitch. Many gaming geeks take pleasure in streaming their Xbox gameplay through Twitch, and they usually love to have an extensive collection of expensive yet advanced gaming accessories, devices, and gadgets. However, some game lovers would find it challenging to broadcast on Xbox One.   

Download the ‘Twitch’ Application

The best solution to stream your Xbox One gameplay is Twitch. It is a widely used service to broadcast gameplay, and a vast community of games have been using it for a long time. If you wish to build an extensive audience base by streaming your gameplay, you must download the Twitch app on your console. 

  • Click the ‘Store’ tab on the dashboard.  

  • Type ‘Twitch’ in the search bar and hit ‘Enter’. 

  • You will see the Twitch app icon in the results, click on this, and it will redirect you to the official listing of the application.

  • Hit the ‘Get’ button to download the app. 

  • The ‘Twitch’ will be downloaded and installed on your console; you can easily find it on your ‘My Games & Apps’ list.


Link  Your Xbox One Account with Twitch Account 

After the successful installation of the Twitch application, you must set up a connection to make sure whether your Xbox One can stream your Twitch account. For this, you need to visit the official Twitch website using a web browser on your PC and sign in. 

  • Now, go to your Xbox One console.  Open the ‘Twitch’ application and log in to get a six-digit code generated. 

  • Go to your computer and visit the ‘Special Activation’ web page. Here, you need to enter the six-digit code generated by the Twitch app. 

  • You can now broadcast your gameplay on Twitch.

  • To start broadcasting your favourite gameplay on Twitch, select your favourite game and tap ‘A’ on the controller to initiate the game. 

  • Now, click the Xbox button to open a guide, select the ‘Twitch’ app and tap ‘A’  again to launch it. 

  • Find the ‘BROADCAST’ option on the application and tap ‘A’ on the controller.  

  • Now, hit the ‘Enter a title’ field and tap ‘A’ again; here, you can enter a name for your broadcast.  


How To Broadcast On Xbox One Using Mixer? 

Another solution on how to broadcast on Xbox One is Microsoft’s Mixer. When it comes to broadcast gameplay using Microsoft’s Mixer, the gamers have not extensively used the application, but they can find in-built support for Mixer on Xbox one. You need not set up an account or download any additional application to stream your gameplay on the Mixer. 

Here is a step-by-step process to broadcast gameplay on Mixer. 

  • Hit the ‘Xbox’ button on your controller, and it will bring up the Menu bar.  

  • Find the ‘Broadcast’ option and click on it. 

  • Select ‘More Options’

  • Write a name for your broadcast before streaming. 

  • Hit the ‘B’ button on your controller to open the broadcast menu. 

  • Select the ‘Start Broadcast’ option to  begin streaming 


How To Broadcast From Xbox One to YouTube?

After learning how to broadcast on Xbox One using Twitch and Mixer, now we will discuss how to broadcast from Xbox One to YouTube. However, one can not directly broadcast from Xbox One to YouTube because Xbox’s broadcast feature only supports Twitch to stream gameplay, and previously, it can be done through Mixer. It is because Twitch is the most popular gameplay streaming platform, and Mixer is the product of Microsoft itself. 

But one can stream their gameplay to YouTube from Xbox using a PC and a capture card linked to the Xbox or through the Xbox console companion app. 

Closing Words 

Nowadays, gaming geeks and professional gamers have their channels to stream their gameplay and have millions of followers worldwide. Such a massive audience base indicates that people enjoy watching others playing video games as much as they want playing video games. If you are planning to stream your gameplay, then hopefully, this write-up would undoubtedly help you to learn how to broadcast on Xbox One.  

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