How To Upload Video On Instagram From PC With Easy Ways

How To Upload Video On Instagram From PC

You may be a regular Instagram user and while scrolling the Instagram page you may come across so many videos that can entertain you for the whole day. Uploading photos and videos from the phone is so common, but how to upload videos on Instagram from PC is a question. 

Instagram is inundated with lots of features and it every day comes with a new version with various new freaky features that are actually fun to use. More and more people are using Instagram just for perfection and quality content to get uploaded. You can see most videos on Instagram are professionally edited, which is truly not possible by your 6-inch mobile phone. To upload your professionally edited videos on Instagram, you need to edit your videos on your computer using video editing software like FinalCut Pro and then transfer it to your phone to upload it on Instagram.  

But what if we tell you effective ways to upload your videos on Instagram from PC directly? Yes, that’s true. Check out our 2 effective ways that allow you to upload your videos from your PC directly. So next time when you sit at your computer to make your Instagram videos just like professional videos, you don’t have to use Airdrop or email to transfer them to your mobile to get uploaded on Instagram.

So whether you have a professional Instagram account or you are an average user, these tools will help you to upload your videos on Instagram directly from your computer.   

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Before uploading a video, you must adhere to some Instagram rules:

  • File must be limited to 100 MB

  • Frame Rate should be 30 FPS or less

  • Playback length is capped at 60 seconds

  • Maximum dimension should be 1080 or less

  • Landscape aspect ratio is restricted to 1:91:1

  • Square aspect ratio is 1:1

  • Vertical aspect ratio is 4.5

  • Preferred format is MP4 (H.264 Codec & AAC Audio, 3,500 kbps video bitrate)

How To Upload Video On Instagram From PC With These Powerful Tools: 

1. Cloud Storage

The oldest and best trick in the book. Gmail accounts and Google Drive are common nowadays and none is deprived of this. Use this to upload your edited video. You can also use Dropbox. Now copy and paste the video in drive and wait for it to sync. 

Now open the Dropbox app or Google Drive on your PC and select a video to just upload with the help of the option called “Share”. 

But here you have to deal with the video twice, one from the Smartphone to cloud and then cloud to Instagram. This is still lengthy and what you are exactly not expecting. Keep reading for another option.  

2. Gramblr 

This is the desktop app that you can install on your Windows or Mac. Let’s check how it will work.

When you download and install the software, you will be asked to create an account. Do it. And you’ll be asked to enter your Instagram ID password too. There will be no other verification so you will immediately see an interface with a drag and drop function.

Upload the video on Gramblr, where you should see the thumbnail with an option to trim the video. Once you are done with the trim, click the red thumbs up button on the upper right hand that will take you to the final step. Here you also add an attractive caption to your video and either post the video on Instagram directly or you can also schedule it to go live at a late date and time. 
However, the later feature is only available to paid users. When you are done, hit the button “Send” and video will be live on your Instagram account.  

So, if you are wondering, How to upload video on Instagram from PC then these easy ways will definitely help you to upload your videos. Gramblr will definitely be a good choice as it is free and allows its users to upload the video on Instagram without switching into so many apps and devices. Check out our website for more interesting updates. 


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