How To Stream Kodi To Chromecast From Android Or PC


“KODI” is an open-source and free software media player. It is also an entertainment hub for digital media for HTPCs (Home Theater PCs). It uses a 10-footer user interface which is used to be designed for the living room. Here, we use a remote as a primary input device. The graphical user interface (GUI) of this remote helps the users to browse and view podcasts, photos, music, and videos easily. Moreover, they can view it from an optical disk, local network, hard drive, and also from the internet by using few buttons.

Google Chrome cast is an excellent device for media streaming. If you want to watch content on Kodi or you want to stream Kodi to Chrome cast, there is no native way. But there are some ways to stream Kodi to Chrome cast. You can stream it through your Android device, PC or Mac. There are 3 ways to stream Kodi Chromecast which are listed below-

By Using an Android Device Running Kodi in the Background:

As its light on your Android device’s battery, this is the best way to stream Kodi Chromecast. Even if your device is locked, then also the streaming video plays on your Chrome cast device. Here are the steps given below,


1. For this, first of all, you have to install some apps on your device: Kodi, Local Cast, or any file manager app which will help you to view the hidden files

2. After the installation of all these apps, download the “.xml” file dubbed PlayFactoryCore file. Once the download is completed, open “ES file explorer” then go to its hamburger navigation drawer and click “Settings”.


In the “Display Settings”, enable “Show Hidden Files”.

3. In the “Download” folder, find and copy the PlayFactorCore.xml file you have downloaded in the previous step.

4. Now paste the file in Android->Data->org.xbmc.kodi->files->.Kodi->user data folder.


5. After pasting the file, open the Kodi app and play any video.

6. At the time of installation, if you have installed more casting apps, Android will ask you to select an app, select “Local Cast”. If you don’t have the Local Host, it will automatically load up the Kodi video you have selected.


7. Now, select your Chrome Cast device and then click on Play, which will play your Kodi Video on the Chrome Cast connected TV.

8. Now, you can easily minimize your Local Cast app and lock your android. Finally, you will able to watch videos on your Android Device.



By Using the Kodi Chromecast App on your Android Device:

This is another best device to run Kodi to chromecast with the help of Google Cast app’s screen mirror feature on your Android. Here you can do it by using the following steps;

1. First of all, you have to install the Kodi app as well as the official Google Cast app on your android device.

2. After downloading the Google Cast App, open the hamburger menu located on the top left and clicks the “Cast screen/audio” option.


Then you will find a prompt saying “Screencasting is not optimized for this device; your experience may vary”. By ignoring this select “OK”.

3. Then the app will start for searching for Chromecast devices. Choose your preferred Chromecast device and your selected device’s interface should be mirrored to your Chrome Cast connected the TV.

4. Now open the installed Kodi streaming app and play any video of your wish. The video should start playing on both your Android device as well as your TV.

By Using the Chromecast App on Your PC Mac:

It is very similar to the previous one. Here also you can use the Google Chromecast Extension on Chrome to mirror your PC’s entire screen to a Chrome Cast connected TV or display.

Here are the points which you have to follow for this process.


1. Similar to the previous methods, here also firstly you will have to install Kodi on your computer or PC or Mac. Install Chrome along with Google Cast Chrome.

2. Then open Chrome to click on the Google Cast Extension and you will able to see a very small drop-down button.


3. After clicking that, tap the option to “Cast screen / Window (experimental)” in the menu.          

4. Now, you will get an option to share your “Entire Screen” or the different tabs open in Chrome. Select Entire Screen.


5. Now, open the Kodi and play any video whichever you want to play. Then finally, it will play on both your PC and Chrome Cast connected to your TV as well.



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