Choose The Best Twitter App For Windows 10 For Better Experience

Best Twitter App For Windows 10

The uses of Twitter are countless, be it fun, or to be updated with the news or telling the world what you are doing, and perhaps this is the reason why the number of users of Twitter is increasing rapidly. And now it is counted in the list of top social media platforms as it is the most entertaining and informational app over the internet. However, it comes with a certain character limit but allows you to explore a lot of content in a short while. 

Maybe its popularity is the only reason that it allows its users to access the Windows 10 app to enjoy more features of Twitter and having a better experience. If you choose the best twitter app for Windows 10, you would be eligible to use all the latest features and access to over 20 international languages. 

There are plenty of great options that allow you to access the Twitter app on your PC, desktop, laptop, or even tablets, but we have found the following as the best Twitter app for Windows 10 that enhances your fun and area to explore. 

Let’s check out the list and find your best Twitter app for a continuous and hassle-free experience. 


The one and the famous Twitter client for Windows is Twetium. It has been available since Windows 8 released and charge $ 2.99 to provide access to its users. If you’re a serious Twitter user, then the app is perfectly designed for you because it has an ample amount of features. With the goal of helping you get the most out of it, the app is supporting desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones as well. You can also get additional features with Tweetium pro. 


Another Twitter desktop app on the list is Gleek which offers a range of features with access to customization. Here you can get full Twitter timelines, Mentions, Retweets along with the ability to choose the light and dark themes. Users can open unlimited accounts on this app while customizing theme colors. Another advantage that you can leverage form this app is it supports short URLs to make you experience better.  

Fenice for Twitter

Specially designed for Windows 10, Fenice for Twitter is the best Twitter app currently. The app comes with interactive notifications such as to Reply, Add to favorites, Retweet, Mention, or DMs for a better experience, and you can also use its other features like Instapaper and pocket integration. The app pulls $1.99 from your pocket but you will find it worth when you come to know that you can schedule your tweet even when there is no internet connection on your device and the tweet will automatically post when your device connects to the network. 


The list of the best Twitter app for Windows 10 is not short at all. We have Tweeten on the list as the most popular and free Twitter app for Windows 10. It comes with a very straightforward interface that helps you track all activities of your Twitter account. Its multi-column UI technology helps you to keep monitoring timelines from different accounts at the same time. 

Twitter for Windows

Twitter for Windows is the official twitter app for Windows that comes with a simple interface. The app provides its users with all default options of Twitter that include a Mention, Favorite, DM, and more. If you are looking for a free yet the best Twitter app for Windows 10, then Twitter for Windows is one among the list. It comes with the ability to switch between the multiple accounts along with the option to create a list and subscribe to lists. 

Now it’s time to decide which one you should choose according to your convenience and suitability. If you don’t want to bother your credit card, you can also go for free apps such as Twitter for Windows and Fenice for Windows which are also considered as the best Twitter app for Windows 10


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