5 Tips on How to Secure Android Phone from Serious Android Threats?

Secure Android Phone

“iPhone is the most secure cell phone in the world” you may notice novice apple users beating trumpets about their iPhone. From admiring their Face Lock to finger scanner, they do everything to convince themselves. Deep down, we all know and have heard the ‘Apple Hacked Stories’. Apple is arguably the most famous mobile brand in the world. It claims that iPhone11 pro, one of its products is the most secure mobile phone in the world. However, it was hacked just after a day of it was released. 

Though the iPhone can no longer protect your data and other private information, but the condition of Android is almost similar or even worse. If you are an Android user then there are some serious threats you shouldn’t avoid. ‘Mobile Malware’ is a kind of software, designed to target Android devices. There are many types of infection and distribution of these viruses. MNC Companies that allow their employees accessing data by their mobile phones, need to learn 'how to secure android phones' from serious Android Threats. 

As many users are switching from Desktop to Laptop then Tablets and preferring Mobile phones. Hackers have been smart and using modern technology to hack your Android devices. From your multimedia TV screen to your smartphone, everything is hackable these days, therefore, you must keep an eye on the following Android Threats. 

Five ways to protect your Andriod from 'Mobile Malware’

1. Buy Genuine Products From Store

I have heard many people talking about high-copy mobile phones. From iPhone to Google Pixel, copies of every model are available in the market. These first copies look identical to the original products, but who knows the depth of the ocean. Always purchase any device or cell phone from the authorized dealers to prevent such troubles.

2. Download From Google Play Store

There are several reasons why not to trust on other app stores than Google Store. These days, no other store is safer than Google. However, Google keeps working on improving its play store and make it even safer for users. It automatically scans your mobile phone wherever you download an application from its play store. You can make sure whether or not the auto-scanning function is working. Go to Settings > Security > Play Protect, you can ensure your phone protection from Malware by doing this setting in your smartphone.

3. Keep Your Phone Locked

We know it’s not a big deal but still, lazy people don’t go for it and end up losing their most confidential files and bank account details. You wouldn’t believe that super-hackers don’t even need your phone to hack it. They can go with just one swipe over your screen. Keep your phone when not in use.

4. Make Password Change a Habit

We make a new habit daily then why keep changing our mobile or other passwords can be into it? Believe us, this habit will save from several hurdles, including most serious Android Threats.

5. Prefer Virtual Private Network

 Whether it’s free Wi-Fi from our local coffee shop, Metro Station or colleges, your smartphone is prone to be hacked by hackers or attached by Malware while using free open internet. So, make sure your Wi-Fi is off when not connected to a secure network. If still, you need to go for it, then you must use a mobile virtual private network. It creates a personal network only for you, hence your phone doesn’t come under any Android Threat.

We have said enough. If you go through these tips, your smartphone will be safe and play smartly. Though, by the passing days, hackers are learning new technologies to interrupt your privacy hence nothing is properly safe. But after following these tips, you will be safer than now.

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