Best Ways To Keep Your Privacy On Android

To Keep Your Privacy On Android

The Smartphone’s we carry everywhere stores some of the very important conservations, contacts, photos/ videos, and password along with other sensitive data. So, it becomes very crucial to secure sensitive data and ensure that no one steals your data. If any stranger manages to get their hands on your unsecured phone, then they might easily see your data and can also use that data against you.

Thus, you need to make a right and the Best Secure Phone measures so that no one can access your data, even if they get their hands on your Smartphone. Android users can protect their phone through both online and offline methods.

In-Built Features To Keep Your Phone Secure

1. Add Reliable Security to the Lockscreen:-


Android Smartphone’s lock screen is one of the most reliable options for maintaining your privacy on your Android. The swipe to unlock will not work as security, so the user must enable Pin, Password or Pattern security to ensure that no one can have access to your Smartphone.

To add the reliable security options to your lock screen, the user must go to the ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Security’ option. Here, you will see an option of ‘Screen Lock’, where you will see various security options to protect your Android Smartphone.

2. Encrypt Device Data:-


Almost all Android Smartphone present in this current world comes with a built-in encryption feature that does not allow anyone to access your data without the right password. To make your phone encrypted, you must go to ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Security’ option. Here, you will get the “Encrypt Phone” option, from where you can easily make your device encrypted.

Before encrypting your device, you must look at some Best Secure Phone measures:

  • Encryption can only be undone by factory resetting your phone.
  • If the user’s Smartphone gets turned off during the process, then all the data could be lost.
  • The process of encryption may slow down your phone as if the user needs to decrypt it every time they access it.

3. Manage App Permissions:-


The user must wary of the permissions an app is asking for, as the developers usually do this to sell your data to ad companies and to make revenues. If the users having the android device of atleast Android 6.0, then the user can easily manage the app permissions. The user who want to manage app permissions on Android 6.0 device, can just go to the ‘Settings’ options where you must select ‘Apps’ and then select ‘Permissions’ options to change them.

4. Take Advantage of Android Device Manager:-


Android manager allows the user to see the exact location of the Smartphone along with the remote access to set off an alarm, erase data or ring phone (only if it is connected to a network). This is the perfect option to recover your phone or data, in case your device has been stolen or lost. To enable the Android Device Manager, the user should visit ‘Settings’ and then tap on the ‘Security’ option.

5. Avoid Apps From Unknown Sources:-


To keep your Android device safe, you should try to download apps only from the Google Play Store rather than using unknown sources. If the user downloads any app from any other sources, except reliable app stores, then these apps may harm your Android phone as they could be infected with malware. Anyone can easily disable this option by simply going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘security’ and finally disable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option.

Android Apps to Keep Your Device Safe

There are various Android Security Apps that can help you to keep your device and data safe. There are various Android Security Apps available on the reliable app store, but here is some of the Best Security App For Android;

1. AppLock:-


To add an extra layer of security, you must add a lock to your most important apps. AppLock is one of the most amazing and free app lockers, which will lock all the systems along with the third party apps with the help of a password or a pattern lock. This app also includes some cool features like a fake message on the launch, hiding the apps, and some other cool tricks to keep the apps safe.

2. Betternet Free VPN:-


VPNs are one of the best ways to keep the online privacy of your phone intact. This Betternet Free VPN will make the user anonymous online by simply encrypting all the traffic. This app is one of the Best Security App For Android which is very fast and reliable. This app does not restrict the user to a particular data limit and offers a fast connection. The free version of this app does not allow the user to change the current location.

3. Clueful Privacy Adviser:-


Clueful, acts as a personal privacy adviser, along with this it lets the user know about how various apps are using the data and how the privacy of your phone is at risk. This app also includes BitDefender, which is a very popular antivirus program. The BitDefender cloud scan available in this antivirus program allows you to check all the apps risking your privacy. This app is best for people who are conscious of their privacy.


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