PS5 Themes: Unveiling The Steps To Change Theme On PS5

Step-By-Step Procedure To Change PS5 Themes

The new PS5 UI focuses on providing gamers a way to smoothly browse through games while delivering significant functionality promptly via joystick input. Customising the homescreen by adding the fresh wallpapers and themes for ps5 is a substantial consideration for users. This function is available on the PS4 bPS5. Customers can download themes from the PS Store and apply them instantaneously. They can also use their theme or choose their wallpaper. But what about the new console? How can you alter the PS5 themes? So, now let's discuss this in-depth about the PS5 themes post.

How To Change PS5 Themes?

As you can’t change the PS5 themes or ps5 background themes automatically, you'll have to get creative to get what you want. You can use the workaround approach described below to change the original wallpaper with your preferred image. Also, if you love to play games we have mentioned some different game consoles.

First use the built-in browser to look for new wallpaper

  • To start the action for changing PS5 themes, press the PlayStation button on your controller.

  • Go down to "Game Base" by navigating there. The "Friends" menu will then be accessible.

  • Choose the message icon.

  • Click the “Search-Browser.”

  • Type (or in the chat box.

  • On your controller, press R2 to send it as a message.

  • To open the built-in browser, tap the message.

  • When has loaded successfully, click "Images" on the browser's top menu.

  • Enter the name of your preferred wallpaper in the search bar.

  • Press R2 to start searching the wallpaper.

To begin the action for changing PS5 themes, press the PlayStation button on your controller

  • Navigate to the "Game Base" section at the bottom. It will bring you to the "Friends" menu.

  • Select the message icon.

  • Select "Search-Browser."

  • In the chat box, enter (or

  • To submit it as a message, press R2 on your controller.

  • Tap the message to open it in the browser.

  • Select "Images" at the top of the page once has successfully loaded in the browser.

  • Enter the name of your favourite wallpaper in the search box.

  • To begin searching for the wallpaper, press R2.

  • Click the zoom button to magnify and crop the screenshot.

  • Use the left key to enlarge the screenshot until it fills the box, then delete the undesirable portions.

  • When you're through cropping, click the "Done" button.

  • Click "Save" to finish the procedure and save your changes.

Finally, here's how you swap out the old wallpaper for the new one:

  • On PS5, select "Replace Original" to save and set your screenshot as wallpaper.

  • Navigate to the profile menu by pressing the PlayStation button on your controller.

  • Choose "Profile."

  • Choosing "Edit Profile." You will see a menu with options.

  • Pick a change image, then choose your modified screenshot to serve as your PS5 ps5 background themes.

  • Click "Save" to replace the default ps5 background theme.

  • Return to the profile and check to see if the PS5 wallpaper has been replaced with the new one.


What Makes The PS5 So Great?

Despite the lack of configurable PS5 themes, the PS5 is the latest addition to the gaming world that elevates the experience to the new heights. With its elegant look and advanced capabilities, the PS5 has quickly became the console of choice for gamers worldwide. Here are five factors that will make you fall in love with it:

Stunning Graphics

The visuals of the PlayStation 5 are among the greatest in the current generation of gaming consoles. Its robust hardware and custom-designed GPU provide a smooth frame and high refresh rates, creating an immersive and engaging gaming experience. Most games can run at 4K/60fps, and some can even run at 4K/120fps. 

Remote Play 

Remote Play allows you to stream and play PS5 games, navigate menus, view your console's home page, and switch between games on any device with an internet connection or mobile data.

Play your game on multiple devices, including your phone, even if you started on PlayStation. You can also start a new game on the app without a TV.

SSD And Expandable Storage 

The PS5 includes built-in SSD storage, which reduces loading times and improves gaming performance. You can also increase the storage capacity if you believe the space needs to be increased to fit your games. External storage can be added precisely behind the console's covers.

Ray Tracing

PS5 supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing, meaning that the console's hardware was designed expressly to rapidly and effectively perform these computations. It contributes to the visual quality of video games.

Ray Tracing in your games enables more precise and realistic lighting, shadows, reflections, and other visual effects. It mimics how light behaves in the actual world. A character's shadow, for example, will precisely represent the shape and location of nearby objects, and reflections in water or on a shining surface will appear more genuine.

Bottom Line 

This is a workaround for changing the PS5 themes. We are waiting for Sony to release an official update allowing users to change their PS5 themes or backgrounds automatically. Until that happens, you can count on these three major steps which will help you to change ps5 themes. Although you cannot alter the PS5 themes, the feature will be expanded later to meet your needs. We hope you found this post helpful. 


1. Is the PS5 capable of 8K resolution?

The PS5 is capable of supporting 8K resolution in video games. It has an HDMI 2.1 slot, which allows you to play games at 8K resolution at 60 frames per second (fps). However, as of now, 8K gaming on the system is impossible because Sony has established a limit of a native 4K resolution.

2. Can I personalise the PS5 console cover?

Although the PS5's firmware does not allow ps5 custom themes customisation, the console can still be decorated. The faceplate covers on each side of the gadget can be swapped out. Sony offers multiple colour options, but third-party manufacturers also offer other alternatives.

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