How To Schedule Emails On Gmail For Free

How To Schedule Emails On Gmail For Free

Gmail is one of the biggest free email providers present in this current world. If you are having a personal email then there are more chances that you are using Google’s free email service. Google is not only popular, as it is very easy to use and setup, but also because it always remains at the leading end of the company. Despite having so many amazing features for free, it still misses the ability to schedule emails.

Scheduling email allows the user to send a particular email, at whatever time they want it to be read. For example, if your prospective client reads email at the time of sunrise, then you are free to schedule an email for the morning so that you don’t have to wake up early in the morning just to send the email to the client. If you use your email a lot with the peoples living in the different time zones, then this email scheduling comes as a really handy function.

As we have already mentioned, that the native Gmail app does not allow the user to schedule emails. However, there are many different ways in which the user can easily integrate email scheduler in Gmail. Here are some of the best services which can help you in scheduling emails for free.

Schedule Emails in Gmail with Email Scheduler

You can easily schedule email messages with the help of Email Studio’s Gmail Scheduler. The setup of this Gmail Scheduler can be done in only few steps, which can be stated as;

  1. First, you should compose an email by opening the Gmail website and then add the message body with the specific recipients in To, cc or Bcc fields. After you are done writing your email then do not press the send button, and let these messages stay as drafts instead.

  2. Then you should go to the Gmail add on store and click the blue “install” button which will add Email Studio to your Gmail account.

  3. After you have installed Email studio on Gmail mailbox then you should open any message from the inbox as the Gmail add-ons are not currently available inside the drafts folder.

  4. The Email Studio icon present on the right side bar of the inbox folder. The icon will open the add-ons where you have to grant the necessary authorization.

  5. Now, you will see all the services which are available under the Email Studio, where you can easily choose the feature of Add New Schedule to the schedule draft message that you have saved earlier.

Schedule Emails in Gmail with Extension   

If you are looking for a single extension which can work across all of your web browsers then you must use the “Boomerang for Gmail” extension. This is a very powerful extension, which not only allows the user to use the send later functionality on Gmail along with the feature of follow up emails, set reminders and many more. The only problem faced by the user while using this extension is that its free version only allows you to send 10 emails /month. If you want to send more than 10 emails /month, then you have to join its paid version, which starts at a rate of $4.99 / month.

Scheduling of Email in Gmail on Android and IOS Devices

The native Gmail app does not allow the support of email scheduling, so the only option left for Android or IOS user is to use a third party email client. While there are many different email clients present, but most of them are paid. If you want to Schedule Email in your Android or IOS device, then the best option is to use “Spark” email.

Previously, Spark email was widely used by the users of IOS devices, but now the developers of Spark has launched their Spark’s Android version too. Whether you have an IOS or Android device, you can easily use this app to schedule your emails by tapping on the email scheduler button.


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