How To Stop Websites From Using Your Phone Or PC To Mine Bitcoin

Mine Bitcoin

Nowadays, some of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are in the news every day. Due to some planetary change in their price or else big hacks, it erases all the data or information. Few websites are running cryptocurrencies mining that is used by your computer. It is used to make money. Many of these websites don’t even provide information to the users that these types of works are done by them. You need to protect yourself against these works. Cryptocurrencies reduce your battery, slow down your computer, and it also damages all the components of your computer. To prevent them from secretly using your computer to mine cryptocurrencies some steps are followed which are explained below;

1. Block cryptocurrencies mining via browser extensions

When you are using Google Opera, Chrome, and Firefox on your own PC or desktop, it is very easy to hack or block Bitcoin mining scripts. So, to avoid this, just install the No Coin extension from Opera, Google Chrome or else Mozilla Firefox. It will stop the hacking process with the help of running script on your browser. Then the developer has pledged to keep the list mining website for the time being. Their filters were updated by popular adblocking extensions such as Adblock and uBlock to block their scripts. 

There is another way to avoid blocking coin mining. When you are using other browsers like Microsoft edge, safari, etc, then you should also allow the use of Ghostery extension. This particular extension blocks some of these scripts.

2. Block cryptocurrencies mining via antivirus apps

One of the best antiviruses which are able to block cryptocurrency mining is Malware bytes on your Mac and Windows.

a. On iPhone and ipad

At the time of using Safari, you can easily block these cryptocurrency mining. Here, it is explained below that how to disable JavaScript on Safari for iOS;

  • Go to setting then choose Safari.

  • Click on advanced

  • Then turn off JavaScript

It can even break various websites and then you may not be able to read or watch online as you used to. Another best approach is to use a content blocker app. To use this tool following points must be followed;

  • Install 1Blocker.

  • Go to settings, and then choose Safari and then content Blocker to enable 1Blocker.

  • Open 1Blocker and enable Block trackers to block coin mining sites.

b. On Android

In this, when you are using Firefox or Google Chrome, it is very simple to block cryptocurrency mining scripts, you must follow the points given below;

  • Click on the three dots on the right settings and then go to site settings.

  • Search No Coin, select it and click on add to Firefox.

This is able to block the cryptocurrency mining script son Firefox for android.The steps to be followed when you are working on Google Chrome for Android;

  • Tap on three dots on the right top, then go to setting, then go to site setting.

  • Now you have to tap JavaScript to disable it.

  • If you want to enable, then tap Add Site Expectations and parallely add the URLs of sites where you want to allow JavaScript.

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