How to use FaceTime On Your iPhone? Make Your Video Call Experience Better With FaceTime

How to use FaceTime

Meeting people has now become much easier with the help of smartphones. The iPhone is always known for its high quality camera and its over the sheed performance. In earlier days, there used to be various video conferencing panels, though they were successful but not much effective on a larger scale. It is not like they are now totally vanished or replaced but the thing is, we have now upgraded with advanced technology in our smartphones that make us available with all time video chatting with our loved ones. 

Video calling has become a child’s play now. And if you have an iPhone then it’ll double the quality and fun of video calling. iPhone features an app namely “FaceTime” that makes video calling even easier. It is true that it won’t work with android phones, but if you’re chatting with fellow OS then you have to set up the breeze. 

Using this option is quite simple and iPhone and iPad also share the identical pattern to start it. 

To grab some memorable memories on video calling with your friends, relatives, boyfriend and girlfriend, start the FaceTime on your phone. Don't worry, if you haven't started the FaceTime app on your iPhone  and are willing to do it now. 

How to use FaceTime is not rocket science and if you’ve found it tough then we are here to assist you. 

How to turn on FaceTime?

To start FaceTime on your iPhone, first find the app, go to your setting, there is an icon that looks like a camera with green color appearing. Tap on the icon to open it. You can make audio and video calls both via this app. 

All you need to access FaceTime is an apple ID to sign up. Another important thing is an internet connection or Wi-Fi connection to work. Remember, for quality Video and voice, your internet connection should have minimum speed, if your connection is too slow, voice and video will appear interrupted, which you won’t like for sure.

How to make a FaceTime call?

After turning on the FaceTime from the setting, it will be active every time. To make a call, open the FaceTime app, then click on the toggle on if it switched to the off position. 

For this, phone numbers should be registered in your phone. If the numbers are already saved, select a number from your existing contacts to which you want to make a FaceTime call. Good thing is- it also asks to allow photos to be captured during a call. You can also block the contact from facetiming you with whom you don't want to make a call. 

To make a FaceTime, tap on the ‘plus’ icon in the top right corner and search for the contact name, email address or phone in your contact list. Tap on one and you’ll be promoted to start an audio/video call. 

You can also start an audio call that looks like a regular phone call but by tapping on FaceTime Audio you can convert your call into a video call. Once you’re in a video call, your contacting person will show on the main screen of the phone. You can also tap and drag the window to any corner of your display. 

What else can you do?

You can also switch the camera to rear with the ‘Flip’ option.  Also, during the call, you can also ‘Mute’ & ‘End’ the call. There is an option to add effects to make your call more interesting. The effect button allows you to add filters, Animoji, text, shapes, memoji stickers and more. 

Lastly, there is a small white option in the corner of the screen that allows you to take calls between the calls, but it will only be active if you and your contact have allowed the FaceTime live photos.

If you or your contact takes a photo, the app will notify you. And don't worry, you can also swipe away to check text or other notification but at that time the video will pause with a blur background until you return. 

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