Microsoft’s “Your Phone App” Gets Android Notification Mirroring Feature

Microsoft’s Your Phone App

Microsoft has recently announced the support of Android notifications particularly for “Your Phone App”. This roll out will help the users to receive Android notifications on their Windows 10 PC. During the release of the Your Phone App, this app allowed users to view recently taken pictures directly on their Windows 10 PC. Now, this latest feature of Android Notification mirroring will help all the Windows users in a gradual manner. This complete feature will be available for the users starting from the mid of July 2019.

The main specifications of this latest Microsoft’s Your Phone App update include;

1. Microsoft’s Your Phone App for Windows 10 allows the user to mirror their Android notifications.

2. This feature is currently rolling out for all the users of Your Phone App.

3. Without even picking up their phone, users can easily view and manage the notifications as they come.

This feature means that once you connect your Windows device with the Your Phone App, then you will be receiving your Windows notification on your phone in real time. Whether the notifications are from Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, or any other app, dismissing it from your phone will automatically dismiss it from your PC and vice versa. According to the reports, the quick replies feature has not been enabled until now but is expected to be coming soon. This feature is already included for the users who are having the beta version of Windows Insiders.

Microsoft’s notes that the latest update of Windows 10 allows the users to attach GIFs, emojis, or images directly to your texts along with the in line reply to all the incoming messages. Users can also use the Your Phone App to receive and send the deeplink URLs in your messages. Once this update hits the market, the app will get smarter resulting in alerting the user with every notification that comes to the paired device. With the help of this feature, the users can even save images directly to their PC’s by a simple right click on the image.


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