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If you have tired of facing the notifications like ‘Access Denied’ when trying to access a few YouTube videos, you have come to the right place. This blog will explain a few unblocked YouTube sites- solutions to blocked videos and banned YouTube in geo-restricted areas. Let’s not wait any longer and know more about the YouTube proxy site before we discover why you need to use such websites!

Why Do We Need Unblocked YouTube Sites?

However, YouTube provides services globally, still, some countries and areas have banned this popular and most-used video-streaming platform. Here are some most common reasons why YouTube and a particular video are banned, and you need unblocked YouTube sites to bypass the restrictions. 

Age Restrictions

Age restrictions are put on videos unsuitable for children or viewers under 18. It especially puts on videos that include nudity & sexually suggestive content, harmful or dangerous activities that can influence children and vulgar language. 

Copyright Infringement 

Youtube has strict policies against copyright infringement, and videos that violate the rules & regulations are removed from the platform or blocked. It happens to protect the rights of content creators. 

Inappropriate Content 

YouTube does not allow video uploaders to distribute inappropriate content, such as hate speech, violence and sexually explicit material, regulated goods and misinformation. Therefore, some videos are inaccessible and use unblocked YouTube sites to access them.

Regional Restrictions 

The video owner sometimes restricts some videos from being watched in a particular region because of licensing rights; therefore, some videos are inaccessible in certain areas. These restrictions are called geo-fencing, and YouTube does not have control over these restrictions. 

Network-level Block

The network-level block is often referred to the restrictions that have been put on certain administrations, such as educational institutions or office premises, to keep students and employees productive. However, by using unblocked YouTube sites, you can bypass the restrictions. 

How To Unblock YouTube Videos?

Here are some best unblocked YouTube sites available in different regions and countries.

1. 4ever Proxy 

4ever Proxy is one of the best unblocked YouTube sites, allowing users to unblock every social media site blocked by the system or in the country. Using this platform, you not only can unblock YouTube videos, but you can also bypass the restrictions from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The best thing about this website is that it remains anonymous and enables you to use it hassle-free. 

2. Zend2

If you are looking for reliable unblocked YouTube sites, Zend2 is an ideal option. This website works by creating and issuing users a new IP address to access YouTube and banned videos without leaving a trace. Moreover, there aren’t any ads to annoy you while using the website. It is considered among the best unblocked YouTube sites because of the safety and security it offers. 

3. CroxyProxy 

CroxyProxy is a popular YouTube proxy site that allows you to access blocked and banned YouTube videos. Even if YouTube is blocked in a particular region or country, CroxyProxy bypasses the restriction and gives you access. Besides YouTube, CroxyProxy also provides you access to videos from other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. Using this YouTube proxy site is easy as it requires no registration. 

4. Proxy Lord

Using Proxy Lord, you can access the internet anonymously while hiding your IP address and go through the blocked YouTube videos. Among other unblocked YouTube sites, this platform provides hassle-free services. It does not have annoying ads, and the UI and UX are impressive, making it the best YouTube proxy site. The website allows you to bypass the networks by accessing the website through a proxy server instead of using the computer network. 

5. Megaproxy 

For accessing blocked YouTube videos, Megaproxy is the best YouTube proxy site. Like other unblocked YouTube sites, it also keeps your identity anonymous and secure. If we talk about the user interface, the website is absolutely easy to use. You can access all blocked and banned YouTube and other platform videos, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. 

6. Hide My Ass

Another YouTube proxy site on the list of blocked Youtube sites is Hide My Ass. The website is completely secure and protects you from malware and phishing threats. Unlike other sites, users can choose from free and premium services. The premium one has advanced features that improve your browsing experience and can be used for games, apps, etc. 

7. Proxy Site 

The next YouTube proxy site on the list is Proxy Site. Unlike other unblocked YouTube sites, Proxy Site allows users to bypass restrictions that stop them from surfing different sites. You just need to visit the website, select the server and enter the URL that you wish to unblock. Also, you can access worldwide videos without worrying about your identity being discovered. 

8.  KProxy

If you have come across the notifications like ‘Access Denied’, KProxy can help you. It is one of the best unblocked YouTube sites that is used to unblock particular YouTube videos or access banned YouTube. Besides this, KProxy supports other platforms also, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and access all blocked videos through this. The website supports all devices, including smartphones, laptops and PCs and is very easy to use. 

9. Mega Bypass 

The website justifies its name by allowing users to bypass various restrictions. Other than providing access to YouTube and Mega Bypass, users can use this YouTube proxy site for Dailymotion, Xanga, Facebook, Netlog, etc. The website is safe and secure to use; it is recommended to use VPN before visiting it. We name it among the best unblocked YouTube sites because of its impressive UI & UX. 

10. Tntproxy 

The last YouTube proxy site on the list is Tntproxy. It is basically used in schools and colleges to access social media platforms, including YouTube. You can freely use Tntproxy on the educational institutional server and access several blocked sites and videos anonymously and securely. Because of this, it is proven to be one of the best unblocked YouTube sites. 

These all are the best proxy sites that you can use to access the restricted platform/content in a particular region. They are good at maintaining users’ anonymity and providing secure browsing. Still, we recommend users not use such websites for personal safety purposes. 

Disclaimer- Use of blocked or banned websites/videos is a punishable offence; thus, avoid doing that. This post about unblocked YouTube sites is written for educational purposes; we neither support nor promote such unlawful actions.

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