Microsoft's Dual-Screen Surface Device May Use Liquid-Powered Hinges

Microsoft's Dual-Screen

Leaks and rumors relating to Microsoft’s still fabled collapsible, dual-screen surface device are revolving spherical since 2018, besides one even hinting at 2020 unharnessed of a collapsible Microsoft Surface with Android app compatibility. Yet, such an actual device still has to be leaked or announced. A new patent by Microsoft shows off many hinge styles, consisting of a hinge powered by liquid. The patent was firstly spotted by Windows United that includes several drawings and details of how a liquid-powered hinge could work with an OLED display which is flexible in nature.

With Microsoft’s October 2 event, it is anticipated to unveil a new Surface hardware as well as some more surface accessories; it is shocking to know that a slew of recent leaks have well-surfaced. It has recently spotted a new patent which seems that Microsoft could utilize liquid-powered hinges on their leaked foldable surface devices.

Fluid-filled hinge for surface devices:

It is published this month on WIPO that the patent reveals that the company is working on a hinged device with a flexible OLED display and a hinge which can be filled with a semi-viscous fluid. According to the verge, it should help Microsoft’s foldable Surface devices to bend and move into different positions easily, as well as reduce stress on their displays.

Like the previous leaks, it truly explains this liquid-powered hinged device thoroughly, being attentive to the hinge itself and complete with illustrations that show Microsoft’s abstract structural designs. In addition to that, the patent unveils that it’s been filled by “Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC”. It means that Microsoft’s partners and other PC manufacturers would be able to license this liquid-powered hinge design. This will offer mainstream consumers a wide range of options if they ever want to get their hands on such a device.  

This liquid-powered hinge is going to be used within the surface Centaurus dual-screen laptop, which is reported to launch later in 2019, has however to be determined. We may not actually see it implemented o foldable devices until 2020 by considering the timing. But still, Microsoft decides to gather it with multi-function buttons, that were patented in July 2019, along with some alternative innovative styles, it simply can be well worth the wait.  


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