Nokia Has Shown, Company Is No Less In Offering Smart TV

Nokia Smart TV

The market is flooded with branded smart TVs and everyday new brand is adding in the list of branded smart TVs. Is it will be a surprise for you if we say Nokia is also going to be part of this crowd? Yes? Then yes, Nokia is also coming out with the smart TV that will run on Android. In this journey, Nokia is not alone. Nokia has joined its hands with two big companies for flawless results. One is a Flipkart, an eCommerce company, who will market the product exclusive and another is JBL by which sound system will be powered.

According to rumors, the partnership between the Flipkart and Nokia was announced earlier in November and there is a lot of things will happen under the partnership. According to the report of the last week, Nokia is expected to launch its brand new TV in 50 inches or plus size. Moreover, it is likely to support 4K ultra-HD panel. If we move towards the features of Nokia TV then it is said to run on the Android 9.0 operating system and will support Google play store. Along with this, certification of the Nokia TV from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has shown with model number 55CAUHDN. The same certificate also revealed the size of the TV.

According to the online reports, Nokia did its best to launch its new smart TV with every new technology. On this note, this will come with intelligent Dimming technology. This technology will help to offer better color contrast and deep black levels. If we put it differently, it optimizes picture contrast quality in real-time in order to offer better contrast.

Now coming towards the launch date of the TV, The company has not yet disclosed the exact date to launch the TV but last week, the company announced that it is going to launch in December this year. Rumors are also suggesting that Company will surprise its customers by launching a new smartphone on the same date, namely Nokia 8.2.

Apart from this, the invite sent to the press does not reveal any other details apart from the aforementioned details and the more facts will be unveiled at the time of TV launching. If we talk about the price of the smart TV, then it is expected to be set competitively as other TV like Motorola and One plus. Nokia wants to make a mark in the TV market with the launch of this Television set and customers are also expecting better results of this new smart TV.


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