Solutions For The MangaDex Down

Mangadex Down

MangaDex is the biggest scanned blockers internet website where people can see manga comics online at no cost. Have you heard about Mangadex Down? It works as the hosting internet website that allows scanned blockers to host their job. 

With the help of MangaDex, people are like to explore manga testimonies on different websites. Manga website includes comics books, animation, and Japanese lifestyle. 

MangaDex allows you to read a free comic book online. But it also offers books in different languages ​​for people to understand.

Still, people have a question in their mind: why is MangaDex Down? 

Why Is MangaDex Down?

MangDex is one of the biggest scanlation websites. Presently, manga scanlation biggest MangDex down after a cyberattack and stolen the source code. 

On March 17 2021, after suffering from a cyberattack, MangaDex revealed that a treated actor gained access to the admin panel and developer accounts. They also stole the source code of the website. 

According to an announcement not appearing on, A threat actor gained access to the site after stealing the admin user session token and through a website vulnerability. 

On March 17, 2021, MangaDex reported that a malicious actor gain access to the site by reusing the session token found on the old database leak through faulty configuration management. It causes MangaDex Down. 

After that incident, MangaDex.Org proceed to identify the verbal section of the code and work to fix it. Furthermost, they use the global session data to exploit the vulnerability through the same method. 

With the help of this session, the hacker will be able to gain full access and download the source code of the site. The hacker will also publish the site source code on Github by using the holo-gfx.

MangaDex.Org improved their code and fix bugs in their sites. The Attacker will taunt the site's developer when the bug is fixed. 

How to Fix MangaDex Down Problem?

Still, you're facing a problem that you're not connecting with even website appear online? You can try some of the troubleshooting instructions to resolve this problem. 

You can try to clear the website cookies and browser cache. Refresh the browser by clicking the Ctr+ F5 keys simultaneously. 
Try to clear your computer DNS cache so that your computer grabs the recent cache from ISP. 
You can also reset your modem and restart your computer. 
You can also access the website using an online proxy service until your ISP resolves the problem. 

If you're facing MangaDex down, a website is under maintenance or another problem. 

Mangadex Scanlanters Difficulties

MangaDex is popular among users. However, it is not always smooth for other scanlators. In June 2019, several scanner blockers took down their scan from MangDex. They accused Mangadex of the possibilities of deducting from their income through their scans. 

This problem started when of MangaDex authorised broke out. 

After that MangaDex increased its popularity. Many users prefer these sites for reading because manga readers appreciate the quality of the MangaDex. But people still find the answer to this question why is MangaDex down? 

Best alternatives for MangaDex 

Here, we’re listed the best alternatives  website to MangaDex.

1- Manganelo

There is a good news for manga fans. An online application called Manganelo are there for you. Manganelo is an alternative of MangaDex. It includes the basic user interface. One interesting fact is that there isno need to register for manga comics. It is similar to MangaDex. 

2- Mangapark

Mangapark is the fastest-growing platforms that allow to check out the countless manga. It is use as an alternative for MangaDex in case of MangaDex down. It provides the best user-interface and other functions. On this platforms, you can share your manga and get the best feedback. 

3- Mangakisa

Mangakisa is the best alternative of MangaDex. It allow manga readers to check out the manga without advertisement. This website allow manga readers to read the manga comics in high-quality. It provides the best user-interface and brnd-new functions. 

4- Manga Reader

Oh! Manga reader it is the best alternative in case of MangaDex down. It is the online  platform for mang readers provides features rich platform for manga readers. As compared with other website, manga readers provide the best user interface to manga readers. 

Wrapping Up

I hope you can understand what is MangaDex? And what are the reason for the MangaDex down? If you experience that you're not connected to the MangaDex.Org website, you must try the solutions mentioned above. There might be some problem due to which Mangadex is down. 


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