Tips To Fix No Internet Secured Windows 10 Error

No Internet Secured Windows 10

Wireless networking issues in windows 10 are straightforward to fix. But occasionally, a no internet secured windows 10 error message appears on the screen from the system tray. 

No internet secured message refers to wireless configuration or connection problems, but this error is simple to deal with. 

Let’s explore the solution to fix the no internet secured error windows 10. 

Solution To Fix No Internet Secure Windows 10 Error

There are various solutions available to fix the no internet secured windows 10 error. But these solutions depend on the system setup and network adapter. So, not all these solutions to fixes will work. 

However, we’ve listed the possible solutions to fix the no internet secured windows 10 error. 

1- Disable your VPN

Do you connect your system with a local Wi-Fi network and you are surprised after seeing the no internet secured Windows 10 error? 

Don’t worry? If you’re using VPN, the VPN built-in security features caused this error. When the VPN server goes down it disconnects you with the internet. 

If you want to check this problem, disable your VPN and take moment to reconnect to the internet. Still, it shows no internet secured windows 10 error? Try another solution to fix this problem. 

2- Refresh The Windows 10 Ip Configuration

If you’re not using the VPN but still receiving no internet secured windows 10  error message, then some commands are available to help you deal with this error. 

Click on the start button, then select the windows PowerShell. Here you need to enter the following commands

  • ipconfig/ release

  • ipconfig/ renew

This command forces your system to request a new IP address from your local router. In some cases, this will restore the error. 

3- Reset Winsock

Reset Winsock is another command-line solution to resolve no internet secured windows 10 error. 

This name sounds like a feature of the airfield. Winsock is the Windows socket API. This is the standard for the PC’s communication and it is a widely used TCP/IP protocol. 

“Use the following command if you want to reset the Winsock”

netsh winsock reset catalog

If the network doesn’t automatically reconnect, wait for the movement and do it manually.

4- Check your PC’s connection properties

If you still you experience no internet secured windows 10 error message, check your PC’s network adapter. 

1- Open the setting and click on the Wi-Fi icon which is displayed on the screen. Then select network and internet settings. 

2- Click on the change adapter option, right-click on the connection concerned and click properties. Confirm the following options are checked or not. 

  • Client for Microsoft network

  • File and printer sharing for Microsoft network

  • Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP4)

  • Internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IP6)

  • Link-layer Topology Discovery responder

3- click OK to confirm. If you made any changes, then restart your system.

5- Disable IpV6

IpV6 is the networking protocol and is designed to replace the IpV4 due to running out of IP addresses. While IpV6 is run in most of the hardware. 

By repeating the previous step you can disable the IpV6, and uncheck the internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IP6). Click ok to confirm the choice and restart your PC. 

Still, the system sends you a pop-up messager like no internet secured windows 10 error message then you can choose another solution to resolve this problem. 

6- Set a new DNS server

The Domain name system (DNS) server is just like an internet phonebook.

For example, when you type any URL in the address bar DNS convert the URL into an IP address and process your request. 

However, the default DNS configuration sometimes fails. But it does not always cause no internet secured windows 10 error message. 

1- Open the setting screen by clicking on the Wi-Fi connection icon on the system screen. Then select network and internet settings. 

2- Click the change adapter options, right-click on the connection concerned, and click properties.

3- Select internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP4).

4- Check out the use of the following DNS server addresses and input. 

5- Preferred DNS server:

6- Alternative DNS server:

7- Then press ok to confirm. 

If you’re still experiencing the no internet secured windows 10 error message, then select an alternate option to solve this problem.

7- Update Your Network Driver

There is a chance that the driver of your network card is faulty.

1- Right-click on the start button and select the device manager.

2- Expand the network adapter, select your network device, and then right-click and select the updated driver. 


Wait till the device driver updates, then restart your system. If You are still facing no internet secured windows 10 error message try using another solution to solve this problem. 

8- Run The Network troubleshooter In The Windows 10

There are several troubleshooting tools like a software toolkit that automatically check the problem, and suggest repairing. 

To launch the Network troubleshooter perform the following commands.

  • Press windows key + I to open setting

  • Then click on the Network & Internet option and then click Network troubleshooter. 


If you're still receiving internet secure windows 10 messages and the computer gets offline, 


Now, you should have resolved all the problems by using these solutions. These solutions must help you to fix no internet secured windows 10 error. After using these solutions, if your PC still shows an error: no internet secured Windows 10 error, then check your PC is connected with a wireless network or not. 

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