How Sanitizing Your Smartphone Can Protect You From Coronavirus?

How To Clean Your Phone To Prevent Coronavirus

There are only two things that can protect you against Coronavirus — One is to stop touching your face and other sense organs and second is not to touch the things that touch your face.

The pandemic of Coronavirus is spreading through lightning speed and it’s serious to be worried about it, at least now when it has taken down almost 1,45,000 lives across the world. World Health Organization (WHO) declared ‘Coronavirus’ as an epidemic and broadcasted a public advisory to enlighten people about COVID-19, symptoms and how to prevent it.

Though the most effective way to prevent coronavirus is to wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer but it’s not enough at the time when COVID-19 has reached more than 63 countries across the world.

It’s time when phone addicted people need to be afraid of something. A report shows, phone addicted people are more likely to be test positive for Coronavirus due to excessive usage of mobile phones. Yes, because it may contain thousands of micro-bacterias on screen and elsewhere.

Do you have any idea how many little germs are nurturing on your mobile phone? It’s true that our mobile phone is home to millions of micro germs that might be in a close relationship with this novel coronavirus. Though it's scary but you don't break up with your phone. Here is how to sanitize your mobile phone to fight against coronavirus?

How to Clean your phone and Why is it important to prevent Coronavirus?

Days are gone when smartphone companies like Samsung, Apple and Nokia used to provide microfiber clothes to shine up your mobile screen. Now the million-dollar question comes in — can you use soap and shampoo to clean your mobile phone? And the answer is yes but only if you have been fed up using your old phone and planning to buy the new one.

If you do this then you are more likely to die from a heart attack than coronavirus itself. Here is Do and Don’t.

The Do Not Things:

  • Any type of moisture can damage the hardware of your phone and interrupt the processing system. Therefore the smartphone companies suggest people to avoid cleaning spray and heavy-duty sanitizers.

  • Bleach is the biggest enemy of electronic gadgets. Don’t use bleach-based products even if you have to clean your phone.

  • Also — and there is no need to tell this — don’t drop your phone into any kind of liquid, anti-bacterial or else.

The Do Things:

  • Use wipes to clean your mobile phone.

  • Wear disposable hand gloves while cleaning your phone and wash your hands after you are done.

  • Don’t forget to clean your mobile case.

  • Stop sharing your earphones and other accessories that may come in touch with other humans.

  • Use wireless headphones with mic or Bluetooth to prevent Coronavirus.

These are things to keep in mind while cleaning your phone and also wash your hands timely to prevent COVID-19. There are phone soaps designed to sanitize phones safely. Thus using soaps might be a better option. Also, there are multiple UV phone sanitizers and UV-C light in the market to hands-on. Go online and stay safe because we want you to read our blogs every day. Well, here is complete news about Coronavirus 2020, symptoms, Signs of Coronavirus and how to prevent it.

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