New Bio-metric Feature Added on WhatsApp for iOS Users

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Today, WhatsApp is one of the best Instant Messaging Apps. Recently Whatsapp rolled out an update for iOS users. The online messaging platform ‘WhatsApp’ has rolled out its latest 
The build version 2.19.20 on iOS, bring home the long-anticipated biometric authentication feature. This feature allows iOS users to lock WhatsApp using the touch ID or face ID available on their Apple Smartphone.

However, this feature is only applicable on whole of the app and isn’t an additional feature supported for individual chat dialogue. Meanwhile, users on the Android platform has been waiting for the same update but, by the looks of things, our Android buddies will have to wait a little bit longer.

How do i start using biometric authentication?

To apply face ID or Touch ID, just go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Screen Lock.  Once you move to the screen lock, the app shows the availability and method of authentication -either face ID or touch ID. Additionally, you can also choose the time limit you want to set on biometric authentication to lock your app. It can be immediately or after an interval of a minute, 15 minutes, or an hour. 

Unfortunately, WhatsApp still hasn’t reached the idle security that the public wants. Even after applying biometric authentication, WhatsApp still allows users to reply messages from the notifications and answers calls without requiring biometric authentication.

Further, the use of biometrics to unlock/lock could help WhatsApp officially unveil its payment feature to the current digital market.


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