Xiaomi Foldable Phone: Price And Release Date

Xiaomi Foldable Phone: Price

Xiaomi has also jumped into the world of the foldable phone. Before it, several other smartphones manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Oppo and Huawei either launched its foldable phone or preparing to do. A video of Xiaomi Folding Smartphone shared by the co-founder of the company “Lin Bin”, has confirmed this news in an event a few days before. Till now, Xiaomi has been known for its affordable and abundant features smartphones. But now it is all set for its new featured smartphone which is different from other foldable phones.

This short video has not confirmed much except only its foldable feature, which is a quite surprising thing about Xiaomi brand. Video confirms that the smartphone folds into three parts. Two side parts fold backward and remaining middle part switch into a compact phone and work as usual, unlike Samsung’ galaxy. However, the first video demonstrates the smartphone ran MIUI and stuttered a bite while transmitting from unfolded to fold.

Now, the second latest video posted by Lin Bin is giving a clear look about its working. In this video, a person is browsing some article on smartphone and then folds it from both sides and placed on the noodle box. The new thing which is observed this time is that the folded screen at the back is still stuck and only the front display is functioning.



Xiaomi folding Smartphone has not Leaked any details

Xiaomi has not leaked any details and features about its new launch. But at the same time, the video clip suggests that the phone doesn’t support a portrait home screen when tablet mode is on. The video clip is the only medium to know about this new phone. Clip says that the Xiaomi’s 2-in-1 device will come with a slim body even having foldable feature, ultra-narrow bezels and a power button placed at the center. It is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and packed with 10GB RAM. Rumors say that the phone will have at least two batteries which are similar to Samsung.

However, the company not yet leak any information about its camera, design, display and other specifications. But we are expecting it will come with super camera quality and quick responding.



Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone Price and launching

Xiaomi has not shed any light on its price and availability of the phone yet, but being a flagship foldable screen phone it is expected to cross $999. As compared to other brands, this price will make it the cheapest foldable phone so far including its extraordinary features.

Unfortunately, we are only available with one look of the phone. The audience is very much excited to experience it and they are eagerly waiting to see what new features it will come with? But the company has not disclosed when they are stepping out in the market means Xiaomi folding phone release date is in suspense yet.

We would say, Xiaomi likely to be a big deal his year because there are so many other smartphones are available in line which may prove a big competitor for Xiaomi. 

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