How To Block Spam Calls – A Complete Guide

How to Block Spam Calls

Spam calls have turned to a disaster in the last couple of years. And the spammers seem to be increasing with every month. We are going to discuss Android and iOS separately as they are two most popular mobile operating systems in the world. But fortunately, now you guys are able to block spam calls on your specific device. There are some universal methods that anyone can use to block spam calls on their phones, landline or a phone running any other operating system. Almost all networks provide some type of services by which you can able to block the spam calls. Here is some spam calls blocking services provided below-

1. AT & T: Call Protect


If you are using this service providers named as AT & T, then you can use their “Call Protect” service to block any spam calls on your device. It is a free app for the postpaid customer offered by the company whereas this is not available for the prepaid customers. It can be downloaded from the app store or play store for postpaid users. If it can’t block all the spam calls, it will mark those particular calls to identify them as spam. While the call is indeed spam, you can block it for the future. Finally, you got to know that which calls you don’t need to pick up and then block them manually from the app.

2. Verizon Wireless: Call Filter


It is identified and blocked calls from spam numbers. This service was available to both prepaid as well as postpaid users. The customers have to pay a $2.99 per month subscription price. Verizon has recently announced that the service will be available for free to all the users from March 2019. Till now the company has not announced much information about the new service which is used for blocking spam calls. Now the Verizon customers won’t have to pay for the spam call blocking service.

3. Sprint: Premium Caller ID


It is very similar to the previous one which is known as Verizon Wireless service. It is a paid service that supports only a limited number of devices. One of the advantages of this service is that not only it blocks spam calls but also it identifies the numbers that you are receiving calls from if they are not in your contact list. The service has got mostly positive reviews or feedbacks from the users. This particular service doesn’t require you to download any apps or works directly with Sprint Phones.

4. T-Mobile: Name ID, Scam ID, and Scam Block


Usually, it provides the most powerful scam call protection of all the US carriers. Scam protection of this service comprises three services such as Scam Block, Name ID, and Scam ID. Scam ID has the ability to allow the users to see when calls come in from scammers whereas the Scam Blocks allow them to block all Scammers. Both the services are free of pay to all the postpaid users. Name ID is the most powerful service. It can not only block spam calls but also identify the caller’s location and name. But this is a paid service which costs $4 per month. If you don’t pay for it, then also the first two services will effectively block most of the spam calls. All these services are built into T-Mobile’s network. For which, people are not needed to install any app or services for that. Apart from T-Mobile has recently launched a new service that is introduced as a caller verification service. It brings an extra layer for the protection of Spam. This specific service won’t block spam calls automatically.


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