Work From Home: Top 5 Remotely Working Tools to Bring Teams Together

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Dating back to time when remote work was not more than just customer service at the minimum wage possible. But in this ever changing world, it has become a full time career option as most companies prefer hiring someone who can work from home. However it’s beneficial and reduces overheads. It seems that telecommuting will become the future of work in urban countries like the USA, China and Japan where people are conscious about their profession. 

These days, the global industry is breathing under threat of the Coronavirus which has a strong effect on the productivity and world’s economy. Things have become worse beyond imaginations especially the corporate sector has been badly affected by this pandemic. This is why most multinational companies like Google, Microsoft and other global companies are opting for working from home. However it’s a great and innovative approach until you catch your employees wandering outside instead working. 

It’s normal that most employees feel like vacation while working from home and this is what causes a million-dollar company to shut down. Remote work is an advanced term of employment but managing remote teams can be really exhausting and confusing. But this is a matter of life and health therefore you better opt for remote work. If you are worried about maintaining productivity or your team while working from home then here are top 5 tools for remote workers to bring teams together to ensure overall productivity. 

Since managing remote teams has always been an unsolved issue for the project managers, these remote work tools are supposed to assist them in maintaining productivity as well as harmony among the employees.

Top 5 Remotely Working Tools for Teams

1. Proofhub

Handling everything via email is not a way professionals use. Proofhub is a proven online project management application designed to help huge teams to bring all the documents and things at one place. Trusted by millions across the world, this software enables team members to communicate with colleagues and clients. This excellent remote work tool comes up with a wide range of comprehensive features including online proofing, conference, chat and remote project management, all at one place. Proofhub is an all-in-one remote work tool cum project management software that is a must-have for the companies fighting against COVID-19.

2. Slack

Have you been fed up using skype and hangouts? Here is Slack an all-in-one message application that everybody opts and loves. This application is designed to bring teams together through online communication. Now share ideas, get real-time feedback to make everything move smoothly. This remote work tool is really helpful for project managers worried about team interaction while working from home. Slack is undoubtedly the best team collaboration tool that comes up with outstanding features.  Slack is easily available on IOS and Android to give you complete liberty to perform your best.

3. Basecamp

Here is another outstanding tool for remote teams available in the market, this is the most popular choice of managers, teams, freelancers and multinational companies  for it’s easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. It is obvious that you will have to keep an eye on project management, interaction and team collaboration while working from home and this is the most perfect remote work tool designed to do all the things at once. 

In addition to boost productivity even in remote working, this application offers an extensive range of features including messaging, files and photo sharing, organizing messages and creating a group of the selected people on the same page. 

As both managers and employees are becoming modern and open-minded, this application has no time-tracking, no archive messages and subtasks. Inshort this is a perfect remote work tool that abolishes years-old professional hierarchy and only allows outside integration. This is the reason why companies like Apple and Google are switching to Basecamp for their alternative workspace. 

4. Todoist

Task organization is probably the most time taking part of remote working that might create hurdles on the way to work from home. However project managers need to organize tasks early morning and deliver to the concerned person to get the things done in a hassle-free manner. Tadoist is an awesome tool for work from home offering very useful features including task and subtask. It enables you to organize projects, add notes and upload files and docs, set reminders, flags and send direct messages to each employee. It does your work in minutes with accuracy and allows you to track productivity at the end of the dayl.

5. Chimp or Champ

There is a sign of jolly and supportive nature that makes the difference between a good and bad manager. An ideal manager will keep his team happy because happiness is a proven cheapest way to increase overall productivity of any business. Chimp or Champ enables managers to interact with their team in a simple and effective manner. It not only motivates the employee but also increases productivity to communicate with the team timely. Barring this Chimp or Champ is a professionally designed tool for remote workers that allows the employees to get direct feedback of their work. 

These 5 are the best remote work tools to help both project managers and employees to see the change in their productivity and stay safe from the diseases coming in due to public gathering. With all these remote work tools in your hands, it is more likely to stay productive and safe even amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

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