What Google Assistant Can Do: Everything You Need To Know?

What Google Assistant Can Do: Everything You Need To Know?

Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa and if you have an android phone then don’t dishearten because android phones, tablets are no less because they have Google Assistant. Google assistant is a powerful artificial intelligence companion because it can assist various smart devices that you are using in your smart home.

There are plethoras of things that can be assisted with voice-activated. Perhaps most of us don’t know the capability of the smart devices we are using around us. If you want to know the actual values of the smart partner, we are here with the best uses of Google Assistant and in what situations it can help you the most. Let’s have a look.

1. Make your shopping list with ease

If you are a housewife and have a usual problem to forget the stuff you need to buy then no more worries because Google assistant has been designed to assist you. After all, we are humans and human mind has the right to get tired at any moment. Due to the work pressure or busy schedule, sometimes we are unable to maintain our daily routine and shopping is our daily stuff which we can’t ignore.

So, make your shopping list digital and say bye to pen and paper. Yes, we are talking about making your shopping list on the command of your voice. No more worry about losing your piece of paper or typing your list in your drafts when your list can be managed on just one command – for instance, add “ ketchup” to my shopping list.

Not only Google will help you to place all these items at one place but also read back your current saved list to make sure you haven’t left anything. Isn’t it interesting? So forget about the traditional way of making a shopping list when Google assistant is here to help you.

2. Get updated with latest news

News is one of the important daily tasks for us which we can’t ignore. Most of us are so busy these days in our daily routine that not even able to browse the latest news through newspapers or any other online app. So why not use Google assistant to read them out for you? All you need to do is – just say “Play the news” and Google Assistant will start reading the latest news for you.

Most interestingly, you can also ask to stop, pause and play anytime, moreover, you can also ask to browse the specific story from your favourite media list. If you are getting late for your office then it is a great way to keep up to date.

3. Your smart home on your tips

If you are an owner of a smart home and installing everyday new smart devices at your home like smart bulbs, smart locks and much more than Google assistant make you smarter by controlling all these devices. Google assistant has capability to assist all new and old smart devices and make your task easier. It not only makes your task convenient but also helps you to save your economical cost.

To assist your smart gadgets, open Google assistant and press the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select settings. From there you can add any compatible smart devices in your Google assistant that are currently active in your home.

4. Find your way to home or traffic updates

Google Assistant has a lot of potential including the ability to find the best route for you of your home. Our roads are too much busy nowadays due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road. Sometimes we people are in a hurry and want to grab the route with less traffic. In that case, ask your Google assistant “get me home” and it will draw information from Google map to show you the best route according to your current location. You can also use the voice-element that helps you navigate you with the latest updates on the diversion and closures. This feature is really useful while using the Google map.

5. Get updated with your appointments and emails

If you don’t want to miss a single email or your important appointment then Google assistant can do wonders. While we are using various Google services like Gmail, Google Drive etc then why can’t we use Google assistant to connect these apps?

You can use Google Assistant to take notes with Google Keep. It will help to notify you when you are busy with your other tasks. This feature is especially useful for you when you need to catch up on any new emails immediately when you receive and respond to.

6. Lets fun with Google assistant

Getting bored at home or keen to do something interesting then why not to let Google assistant entertain you? Now you don’t need to struggle alone when you feel alone because Google assistant can help you on both accounts by challenging you with any game or in some other way.

Along with this, it can also tell you some awful jokes and also read some inspirational quotes or messages for you if you are seeking little motivation. You can even ask to do something funny for you; it will assist you with some interesting and trending videos on YouTube.

7. Find your keys

If you are already late for your work and you are not finding your keys, which is often faced by most of us, then Google assistant has taken responsibility to make your morning routine a little bit easier. If you have Google nest speaker and provided a tile Bluetooth tracker to it, you can ask your smart speaker to ‘call’ your misplaced keys.

You can say, “hey Google, find my keys”, and the tile tracker attached to your keys will ring and help you to find the keys in no time.

8. Convert money, measurements and much more

Usually, no one is aware of the values of different currencies, whether you are looking to check how many dollars you can get in rupees or meter in centimeters. It is quite difficult sometimes to convert inches in centimeters and meters in kilometers. But Google assistant can do this math for you. Google assistant can perfectly do almost every conversion without any mistakes and will read out the answer in no time.

Apart from this, if you are stuck somewhere and wonder what does the word “Hello” means in Swedish then you need to say “what does the word hello call in Swedish? Google will respond with the accurate answer.

9.  Access your phone calls

Tired of office phone calls and don’t want to take more calls if it is your weekend or holiday then let Google assistant do it for you. If you are owning a phone Google Pixel 3 or pixel 3 XL, the voice activated service includes a feature that will help you to answer the certain call on your behalf.

Google has many ways to assist you like it has a call screen feature enabling you to leave assistance to answer the call and even record the transcript of the conversion so that you can review it later.  

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