How To Download TG Macro For Windows? Complete Guide

TG Macro

Are you looking for the best macro tool to enhance your gaming experience? Your search ends here. We bring the finest gaming macro tool to make you feel that you have the macro mouse and keyboard. Excited to know what’s that? We are unveiling TG Macro today. 

TG Macro, aka TGM gaming macro, is a free tool that helps gamers create manual and automatic execution for various functions through the creation of macros and automation of repetitive & automatic tasks. 

Confusing? Let’s understand this way. If you are playing a computer game in which you need to click or press keyboard keys in a particular order and might want to click in another direction at once, in such cases, macro tools like TG Macro can do this for you more effectively. 

Is it clear now? You might like to dive into the features and other necessary factors, such as system requirements and specifications. Without further delay, let’s start the guide. 

Features of TG Macro

It is essential to know the features of TG Macro to maximise the winning chances in your favourite game.

  • It reduces the requirement for macro mouse and keyboard

  • It records the command of the mouse and keyboard and playback later

  • You can save macros and use them later

  • You can create triggers based on the events 

  • Downloading and installing the tool is extremely easy

  • It allows gamers to create loops for countless defined commands to automate the process


Specifications of TG Macro 


TG Macro

Another name 

TGM Macro




Only Windows

Official Website

Last update 



PC Requirement for TG Macro for Windows

There are certain system requirements that you must  meet to download TG Macro on PC. Check out these specifications to download the TG Macro. 

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista/XP

  • System Architecture: 32-bit, 64-Bit, 86-Bit

  • RAM: Recommended 4 GB, works with 2GB also

  • Drivers: No special driver is needed for the software to run

  • Storage: Required at least 100 MB of free space

  • Internet Connection: Not required


How to download TG Macro for Windows PC?

TG Macro is the most advanced macro creator with many features, such as ‘Key Events’, ‘Mouse Events’, and ‘Pixel Events’. It is available for Windows PC only. MAC and Linux users have to wait or need to search for alternative Macro software. 

But there is good news for Linux users. They can use TG Macro with the help of Wine. It is an open-source Windows tool that allows users to run the program directly on any Linux desktop. Wine is simple to use and increases the efficiency of the Linux system. 

Here is the guide to downloading and installing TG Macro on Windows PC. 

Step-by-step guide

  • Download this application on your PC

  • Enter “” in your file manager with the username you want. 

  • Note: Let’s assume the username “John”,

  • Upload this application to the file manager

  • Start OS OnWorks Windows online emulator for this website

  • From the OnWorks OS, go to file manager “”

  • Download the application and install 


Hopefully, these steps help you in downloading and installing the TG Macro. If you need assistance in following the steps, leave a comment in the below section. We will try to reach you as soon as possible. 

TG Macro provides ease in playing games. If you don't believe us, let’s explore it by having it on your PC. Download TG Macro windows now and share your experience with us. 


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