Must try Google Assistant Commands List and Tricks

Google Assistant Commands list

Apart from making you laugh with it non-funny jokes, Google Assistant really makes life a little easier. On a condition that you have to be using it more often to get used to it. Below I have made a list of the Best Google Assistant tricks you should be trying out. These works on almost every Google Assistant devices like- Google Home, Google Speaker, Smartphones, etc.

1. Choose your Google Assistant’s voice  


Generally, Google Assistance has the default American accent voice. However, a few months ago Google rolled out an update that allowed users to choose from multiple voices, making their Assistant sound based on their personal preference. To change the voice-Trigger the Google Assistant, hit the “Explore” icon (compass icon) located right corner then tap on three dots again located on the top right corner, tap on settings. After this, you will be welcomed with newer menus and sub-menus. Locate “Assistant” menu which should be just next to “Personal info”. You should be able to see the “Assistant Voice” under it by now where you can choose and select your preferred.

2. Good Morning with Google – Keep track of your busy schedule


The busiest days should always start with a “Good Morning”, similarly Google has developed up the Assistant to help you through the day. Start your morning by saying “Hey Google, Good Morning” and Google Assistant will response with a Good morning wish followed by some relevant pieces of information like the weather forecast of the particular day, the latest news of the day and reminding you of all the tasks you have saved on your Calendar for the day. 

Note- (You have to sync your events with Google calendar if you want to access your event through Google Assistance)      

3. Ugh! What’s that song?

You free to deny it but there are many times when you’ve heard a random song and started liking it and wanted to know the song’s name so you could jam to it yourself. What if you could use your Assistant to identify the name of any song just by listening to it? All you have to do is – say “Hey Google, identify this song”, Google will then listen to the song first and tell you its name in just a few seconds. Additionally, you can check back the song at a later time and add it into your favorite playlist.


4. Its shopping time

Google assistant can make your daily routine easier starting from maintaining your shopping list. Long gone are the days where you had to sit down with a pen & paper and start thinking of all the items you had to buy at the grocery store. Now you can do it just by saying “OK Google, add cheese, bread, eggs, milk, and coriander to my shopping list” and guess what your list is ready.
When you are out shopping, quickly say “Hey Google, show my shopping list” and Google will display your shopping list.

5. Unlock phone, launch app and manage quick Settings with your voice

In regards to unlocking your phone, you can quickly get helped by your own voice. First, Go to the settings menu on the Assistant like earlier and search for “Smart lock”. Under voice match option, enable the “Unlock with Voice Match”. After you have matched and registered your voice you can unlock your phone just by saying “Hey Google Unlock my Phone” or “Ok Google!” 
Note- This feature of Google Assistant is convenient but not secure. 
Apart from unlocking your phone, Google Assistant can be used to launch apps and access the quick toggle settings. Just say “Hey Google, launch Netflix” 
Quick toggles like Wi-Fi can also be accessed by saying “Hey Google, turn on Wi-Fi.”

6. Get Currency and Unit Conversion / Or More like a talking Calculator


As the heading says you can ask Google- “Hey Google, convert 2kg into grams” to get a faster value.
However, if we are talking about converting the currency like “Hey Google, convert $100 into INR” it will automatically assume the US dollars, but in case you want to convert other dollar currencies like Australian or Canadian, you will have to mention the country dollar for the right value.

7. Location-based reminder

If you are like me, forgetting reminders or daily tasks. You should definitely use the location-based reminder to get your things done on time. For this, you need to say “Hey Google, remind me to read the book I bought yesterday”

8. Control android TV, chrome cast and smart Home device 

As most TV’s and smart home appliances have started supporting Google Assistant, you can access remotely with a virtual interaction 
“Hey Google, turn on the fan”
“Hey Google, play Black Mirror on Netflix”

9. Interact in multiple languages at the same time


A person can now use their native language instead English to interact with their Google Assistant. Currently, it is supporting languages like Italian, Tagalog, French, Hindi, and much more.
To do this, go to setting, hit Assistant and tap on languages. There you can add the 2nd language of choice
(Note- you can only add two languages at a single time.) 

10. Send quick text messages

A simpler way to send a text to your contacts is – just ask your assistant to “send a message to Tom – hi, what are you doing?”  Google Assistant then, will ask you for your final confirmation to send the message. 

11. Flip a coin

We, humans, are a complex being who tend to get confused really often when making life-changing decisions. Old school people still flip a coin to simplify stuff. However, you can ask your Google Assistant to “flip a coin” and you will be getting an answer from her side in either Heads or Tails making your decision non-biased.


12. Translation


There are numerous languages spoken by people all over the globe. If you happen to be interested in a certain language then you might find yourself often “Google-ing” translations. On the other hand, you could try- “Hey Google!  How do you say Good morning in Spanish”, Piece of Cake! There you go

13. Place a call

Similar to sending text messages, Google Assistant can place calls as well. So, whenever you feel like talking to your MOM, ask Google to “Call MuM" and enjoy a lovely chat with her. 


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